Your quick guide to the zodiac sign polarities

    Throughout our lives, we all wonder when we will cross paths with a soulmate. People with whom we share a deep connection often mirror us in many ways. That is because, by connecting, we not only learn more about others and partnership but also about ourselves, too.

    Zodiac sign polarities are one way to understand how people can mirror one another — as if they are dancing as a yin-yang. These connections do not have to be limited to just romance, though — they can be any kind of rapport that complements us, whether it is in our families, a friendship or a business associate.

    Because there are 12 zodiac signs, there are six possible polarities that exist. Each zodiac sign has an opposite on the wheel that represents similar characteristics and motivations. However, while there are certainly many things that unite the two signs upon each polarity axis, they are also intrinsically very different, as well.

    Each polarity shares a modality (also known as a zodiac quality), whether it be Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. The polarities also fall within congenial elements, representing that they vibrate well together. For instance, Fire signs will always be on a polarity with an Air sign, whereas Earth signs will always match with a Water sign. The most common way of looking at this is by sun signs, but it can also exist with Ascendants (Rising signs) or moon signs.

    On a positive note, people with strong polarities can work together to grow and thrive in ways that they never could have alone. However, because they are opposite on the wheel, it can also create friction, tension and conflict if the two parties are not willing to collaborate and work as a team. Zodiac sign polarities teach us that alone we can only do so much, but together we can thrive far more.

    Take a quick peek into the six polarity axes!


    These two zodiac signs are paired together because they focus extensively on the balance between the self versus partnership. Both crave union and social connection and help to teach one another about independence and commitment. Extreme individuality or codependency are the shadow aspects of this axis.


    Taurus and Scorpio both crave to learn power, control and trust.

    As a passionate pair of zodiac signs, these two fall upon the axis of worth, money, sex and intimacy. They both crave to learn power, control and trust. While they both can be quite stubborn and possessive, they teach one another to share and be vulnerable. By doing so, they can experience greater joy and union.


    This zodiac sign polarity focuses extensively on communication, logic and higher learning. They are a very active pair, encouraging one another to explore the world, people and ideas. As they are especially restless, they don’t like to remain in one place for too long and teach one another to embrace their innate curiosity without becoming too scattered.


    As the zodiac signs that fall on the axis of domestic life, family and professional advancement, these two help one another to balance the demands of both home and career. Understanding true stability is crucial for them both, as they learn the importance of inner emotional life and practical ambition. To be overpowered by one or the other only leads to a lack of fulfilling life experiences.


    This zodiac sign pairing is all about individuality versus community engagement. As a highly expressive duo, they teach one another about the importance of having one’s talents recognized and ego validated, while also recognizing the benefit of group mentality. Sometimes it’s best to be the star — but other times it is vital to work for the greater collective good.


    As the polarity axis of service and health, these two zodiac signs rule physical and mental vitality. They often are of service to others, but teach one another the importance of both giving and receiving. Understanding the intrinsic balance between emotional sensitivity and imagination alongside practical logic becomes crucial for this duo to experience and comprehend. However, it is ideal for them to not become too extreme in their ways — whether it’s lost in a cloud of fantasy or bogged down by the pessimistic minutia of daily life.

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