Woman reveals horrific allergic reaction to eyelash extension

    Beauty fans are cancelling their eyelash extension appointments in droves after witnessing one woman’s allergic reaction to the procedure.

    The woman, called Cicely, took to TikTok to share a video documenting her extension journey — from the excitement ahead of getting the lashes to shocking footage from her hospital bed.

    “Found out I had a new allergy yesterday,” Cicely wrote in the video, before adding that the unbelievable clips of her with hugely swollen eyes happened about 10 hours after the lashes were first applied.

    While Cicely’s video prompted many people to admit they’d had similar allergic reactions, others admitted that they’ve had to rethink their own appointments because of her reaction.

    “Omfgggg,” one woman wrote. “I have an appointment next week for the first time… cancelling after seeing this.

    “Lord f**k. Hope your on the mend now girl.”

    Another person added: “Stoppppp, is this a sign??

    “I have my first ever lash extension appointment on the 5th. now I’m scared that I should stick to the stick on ones.”

    Cicely posted about her excitement ahead of getting the lash extensions.

    And a third added: “I cannot fathom why tt (TikTok) would show me this the day before my first appt.”

    Others revealed that their allergic reactions had happened after many appointments for extensions in the past.

    “Same exact thing happened to me after having lashes for 3 years,” someone wrote, while another added: “Extensions are awful.

    “I did them for years and then suddenly was severely allergic. I looked the same.”

    It’s unclear if Cicely was allergic to the lashes themselves or the glue used to stick them on.

    While someone else commented: “I react the EXACT same. Paid $180 for the lashes, then they all had to be removed.”

    It’s unclear whether or not Cicely was allergic to the lashes themselves or the glue used to stick them on.

    However, in another video, she responded to someone asking whether or not the reaction to her lashes was painful.

    “The initial reaction itself was not very painful,” she recalled.

    Others commented on Cicely’s video about their similar allergic reactions to lash extensions.

    “My eyes swelled, my throat swelled, I was covered in hives and it became very very difficult to breathe. 

    “The only part that actually was really painful was the removal of the eyelashes, where they were constantly scraping with gauze and this lubricant stuff.”

    She concluded: “I got my sight back within three or four hours. So overall, not bad.”

    Cicely added that despite her reaction, she loved the lashes while she had them, and would never tell others not to have them done.

    This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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