Woman reunited with missing cat after hearing meow on phone

    A mom never forgets the sound of their baby’s voice — human or pet.

    The family of Rachael Lawrence, from Braintree, Essex in the United Kingdom, has been made whole again after being reunited with her cat, Barnaby, after eight months missing.

    The unlikely reunion occurred as Lawrence claims she “recognized” her cat’s meow over the phone.

    The 40-year-old mom of three kids, plus two cats, had called her pet’s veterinary office to check on her 11-month-old cat, Torvi, who was just coming out of surgery.

    It’s there that Lawrence heard the cries of a familiar feline — and asked the doctor if that was her Torvi meowing. She recalled being told, “No, that’s just a stray we had brought in a week ago.”

    The sound continued to echo in Lawrence’s mind. “It was just bugging me because I recognized the meow,” she told South West News Service. “A couple of hours” later she called the vet’s office again.

    Barnaby with the children of Rachel Lawrence, Be, 12, Joshua, 11, and Amalie, 7.
    Rachael Lawrence / SWNS

    Lawrence had all but given up on her 2-year-old Barnaby when the cat’s call inspired her to ask the clinic if it was black, and had a distinct white patch on his back foot — to which the vet responded affirmatively.

    She “knew it was him” by the time she came to pick up Torvi, bringing along photos of her Barnaby — a k a Fatman, as her family had affectionately dubbed the kitty.

    “I cried,” she said. “I’m talking snot bubble cries. I was howling.”

    Lawrence called her three children, Be, 12, Joshua, 11, and Amalie, 7, there on the spot, who rejoiced in the return of Fatman. “They were really happy,” she said.

    It was evidently a rough eight months for Barnaby, who showed up with “loads of scabs” and “missing fur” patches, and also thinner than before — but “he’s getting on so well,” Lawrence said, and “more than happy to be picked up and cuddled.”

    The family hopes to see him return to his hardy old self soon: “We just need to fatten him up to get him back to Fatman!”

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