Woman fears she’s ‘cursed’ after finding pet ashes in knickknack

    Well, this sure wasn’t the present that she was expecting this holiday season.

    A young UK woman reportedly found a shocking surprise — a dead animal’s ashes — in a knickknack she bought from a charity shop.

    The Manchester resident, who goes by the name Gina Tonic, shared her alleged experience in a viral Twitter thread.

    Gina claimed that she bought a “trinket” at a charity shop in Altrincham that was three hours away from her home residence. She only stopped by for a quick visit.

    She apparently purchased an urn — with the name “Goblin” inscribed on the front — thinking it was a simple bauble. However, it seemed to be filled with the ashes of a pet.

    “Oh my GOD I just bought this little trinket in a charity shop coz it made me laugh,” Gina tweeted alongside photos of the ornament. “It said Goblin on it (there was a merlin too) and i’ve just opened it and there’s f–kin ASHES INSIDE … that’s it I’m cursed for life now aren’t I.”

    In a separate tweet, she lamented into the Twitter abyss, “Why do these things always happen to me?”

    “Merlin” was seemingly the name of another pet whose ashes were in a separate urn that Gina saw at the charity store.

    The “cursed” urn in question.

    The thread also had Gina conversing with other users about what to do with the product, which she surmised might have contained enough ashes for “a gerbil or a hamster.” One person noted: “Whoever donated it was weird and the shop were weird for accepting it.” Gina agreed and chastised the store for “not checking it before selling it!!”

    Another user joked that Gina would be “haunted” by the dead pets. “Oh no you’re going to be haunted by that animal, like in [the Stephen King novel] pet sematary! maybe you should take it back & explain, it might have been donated by mistake – at least it’ll get the accursed object out of your house.”

    However, Gina wasn’t too keen on that suggestion and replied back, “don’t say that … i can’t go back [because] it’s in a charity shop where i don’t live i feel horrible for separating goblin from merlin and all.”

    Others still told Gina that she should go back and get Merlin to keep the two deceased animals together in the afterlife. However, one person tweeted an image of an urn with Merlin’s name on it and wrote, “Right, what do we do now?” — to which Gina responded, “OMG we need to reunite them.”

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