Woman bullied, called ‘Chewbacca’ due to excessive hair growth

    They haven’t been sensitive toward her hairy situation.

    A woman has been mocked mercilessly due to a rare condition that causes her to sprout excessive hair all over her body, among other unpleasant symptoms.

    Nonetheless, the determined gal hasn’t let her ailment dissuade her from trying to inspire others on social media.

    “I have had many women claim I am brave,” Samantha Allen, 28, told Media Drum World of her predicament. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a rare condition that prompts ovaries to produce an abnormal level of male sex hormones and induces hirsutism.

    The disorder, which affects around 10% of women of child-bearing age, is reportedly the most common cause of excessive hair growth.

    Allen, who moved to Oklahoma from New York state last year, started experiencing symptoms of the affliction at an early age. She said that she started shaving her legs at age 8 and that she grew facial hair “by the time I was 11.”

    Allen claimed her gratuitous tufts made her the object of endless hair-rassment “throughout middle school and high school.”

    Allen has hirsutism — excessive hair growth — due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

    “People called me Chewbacca, fat b—h, a man,” lamented the besieged gal, referring to the furry “Star Wars” character. “I didn’t even know half the people bullying me.”

    “However, once it started, more and more people started getting in on it, including close family members,” she added.

    The NY gal started shaving her legs at age 8.
    Allen allegedly started shaving her legs at age 8.

    Along with her cosmetic woes, Allen also suffered from obesity due to her PCOS. Despite being involved in sports and maintaining an active lifestyle, she continued to gain weight — eventually tipping the scale at 275 pounds.

    Things came to a head when she reportedly ended up in the emergency room at age 25 after nearly experiencing organ failure, MDW reported.

    “I felt like I was going to pass out and extremely weak,” explained Allen. “Liver enzymes are supposed to be between 0-40 and my level was 127, my EKG was completely haywire — early signs of renal failure and pre-diabetic.

    “This was a complete wake-up call for me,” she added. “I had to weigh in on the fact that I was unable to lose the weight myself.”

    Allen has been analogized to "Chewbacca" by cruel internet trolls.
    Allen has been compared to “Star Wars” character Chewbacca by cruel trolls.

    In order to get her health back “on track,” Allen opted to undergo bariatric surgery in 2019, which resulted in her shedding a whopping 100 pounds.

    The successful procedure has made her confident enough to chronicle her inspirational journey on Instagram, where she boasts more than 2,600 followers.

    And while Allen endures plenty of “hateful comments” from trolls, she said she does not “let it bother me as I often get private messages from women sharing their own stories of PCOS.

    “Seeing my pictures and story out there helps them in their journey as well,” the proud patient said.

    Allen ended up in the hospital after nearly experiencing organ failure.
    Allen ended up in the hospital after reportedly nearly experiencing organ failure.

    And that isn’t the only positive news of late: The grateful woman has since revealed that she’s nine months pregnant with a baby boy.

    Allen was initially worried, as PCOS can make it difficult to conceive and, in the rare event of pregnancy, carry a fetus to term. However, her fears were assuaged after she experienced an “idyllic pregnancy,” she said.

    “At first, I had consulted a specialist and asked a million questions, but I am now in the pre-labor stage of this pregnancy with no complications and could not be happier,” she gushed.

    Allen before and after weight loss surgery.
    Allen before and after weight-loss surgery

    In another inspiring story, in 2018, a hirsutism sufferer who used to shave her entire body because she felt like a “freak” has since ditched the razor and embraced her natural look.

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