Why the “Mixie” (Mullet-Pixie) Will Be the Most Popular Haircut of 2022 — See Photos

    It’s not surprising to the pros in the slightest that a haircut of this nature is booming right now, especially among Gen Z and young millennials. For one, it’s intentionally textured, meaning it doesn’t require a lot of finesse to style for everyday wear. “These types of styles really represent that disheveled and messy vibe without being unprofessional,” Cole reiterates.

    Though a haircut this short and this choppy might be scary to those with more conservative hair tastes, young people are rushing to them in droves to establish strong self-expression. “This new pixie-mullet is super creative, empowering, and shows off all your beautiful features —  eyes, cheekbones, jawline),” Miller says. “Rebellious and fierce.”

    Its rising popularity could also be due to the gateway to super-short hair that it provides. “If you’re thinking about making the big chop, getting a pixie shape in the front and keeping the length in the back will give you an introduction to short hair and also look chef’s kiss,” Judd explains. Miller adds that beauty trends of the past will always circle back, too, making this retro cut’s return all the more obvious. 

    Courtesy of Andy Judd

    The long story short is that the mullet-pixie, pixie-mullet, mixie, or whatever you choose to call it is primed for a renaissance in 2022 — in fact, that renaissance has already started. So if you’re looking for a fresh take on a classic to try at your next appointment, look no further. 

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