Who What Wardrobes: Sofia Bryant

Beyond her Fieri-inspired button-downs, Bryant isn’t afraid of adding a pop of color to her wardrobe.

“I’m not afraid of color. I think that color is awesome,” she says. “I went through this phase where I was so minimal that I only wore white and black, and it kind of allowed me to start all over.”

One of Bryant’s favorite items in her wardrobe is something that she saves for a rainy day: a purple raincoat from Dolls Kill that really does make a statement.

“Protected, but also I’m still serving,” she adds.

Beyond serving looks when it’s raining, Bryant has eclectic shoe and accessory collections, including more than one pair of platforms. She says, “I only wear platform shoes. I love to be the tallest in the room. I think height is so powerful.” 

Bryant is the queen of sunglasses. While she owns more than she can count, she wears a pair of green sunglasses that she got on St. Marks Place in New York City the most. “They somehow go with everything, and they just make me feel like a ’90s cool girl,” she says.

For Bryant, sunglasses are a great way to make her outfits pop: “I think they’re the easiest way to spice up an outfit in whatever way you need to. You can make an outfit super sleek. You can make an outfit a little bit more fun.”

One of Bryant’s favorite accessories that she owns is a Kara wallet on a chain inspired by bikers in New York City. “If you know me, you know I’m a hard-core New Yorker, and I love to let everyone know,” she says. “This is inspired by bike chains worn by bikers in New York City, so I thought that was super, super cool and creative.”

See more of Bryant’s eclectic wardrobe—including a pair of Air Force 1s that she’s owned since high school—below. 

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