What Inspired Tyler, The Creator to Drop Fragrance and Nail Polish — Interview

    Allure: What about the smell of French Waltz captures your essence?

    TC: It’s super clean, floral, and a little spicy. I love perfumes. I have 53 of them upstairs. I love sunlight, [especially] pastel sunlight — bright, June type of energy. The smell represents that. It smells like cliff jumping. It smells like mid-July when you have no responsibilities for the day. 

    Luxury is me being able to sleep and wake up when I’m done sleeping. Being able to take my bike wherever I want to ride it is real luxury. It’s not diamonds or the cars I get to drive. Don’t get me wrong, that shit’s awesome, but luxury is really what you think it is. It’s what makes you happy.

    Allure: What inspires your quirky beauty and fashion aesthetic?

    TC: I travel a lot. If I’m in South Korea, I’ll see a grandma in some ill shirt with ill pants or who has her proportions right. Then, I’ll go to Denmark and I see some seven-year-old kid whose mom probably dressed him, but like, man, it’s a certain way that his pants are fitting and I’m like, “oh, that’s so fire.” It’s not an age thing. It’s not a sex thing. It’s not a religious thing. Everyone has something that I personally like.

    Allure: What made you choose those three nail polish colors for your brand (Geneva Blue, Georgia Peach, and Glitter)?

    TC: I always wear glitter. I’ve been wearing it for years, and the thing about [my take on it] is that you don’t notice it until you’re looking at someone’s nail. It’s not loud — it’s subtle. It’s there, but when the light hits it and you see it, that bitch is like, whoa

    I’m obsessed with that blue. I think I got obsessed with that blue towards the end of 2017, and I started putting it on everything — cars, fucking everything! Then, that Georgia Peach. There is something about orange when it’s toned down just a tad to almost pastel. It goes so well with certain blues, browns, and greens, plus it looks so good on dark skin.

    Allure: Have you been wearing the polishes and fragrance every day?

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