Viral video shows blood-like pool outside storage unit

Social media has gone mad over this sinister storage unit situation. 

While moving homes this week, TikTok creator Ashley Money stopped by her storage locker to drop off a few items, only to discover that an ominous blood-like pool was spilling from the adjacent unit. 

A clip she posted of the dried red substance has racked up more than 5 million views on the platform. 

The video has earned a content warning from TikTok, and many commenters have expressed concern over the pool, with some suggesting there may be a dead body in the unit. 

In a follow-up video, Money talked about what she did after discovering the stain: namely, telling the front desk about it, after which a company worker immediately reached out.

The next day, though, the red spill was still at the adjacent unit.

Heeding the requests of her 16,000 followers, Money poured hydrogen peroxide on the stain to get to the bottom of the grim issue. When mixed with blood, many video viewers noted, hydrogen peroxide will often have a bubbling effect.

“Unfortunately, no bubbles,” Money said after the mixture failed to cause such a reaction.

She has since received a great deal of flack for the comment, with her followers interpreting her “unfortunately” to mean that she’d hoped for blood and a tragic explanation for the ooze.

But Money explained in further follow-up clips that she was just expressing that she felt some of her viewers might be disappointed the mystery was still unsolved.

Money’s retelling of finding the stain has gone viral.
Ashley Money/TikTok

She further clarified that she had indeed contacted the police soon after uploading the first of her videos about the finding. They did not take her seriously, however, and had taken “six-and-a-half hours” to return her call “and then laughed at me because it didn’t sound like an emergency,” she said, according to the Sun

When police eventually did open up the leaking unit, the answer to the macabre mystery was less than climactic.

“It ended up being something they were not allowed to be storing, and yes it did leak into mine.” But, she added, authorities let her know that at least “it wasn’t a corpse.”

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