Victim recounts terrifying time stalker followed her to Ibiza

    A 22-year-old dancer has opened up about her stalker hell in an emotional new documentary.

    “Stacey Dooley: Stalkers” aims to shine a light on the devastating impact of stalking, and last night’s episode saw Stacey meet Abby.

    The dancer was stalked by an obsessed fan called Jamie, and despite being arrested three times and convicted, he still made her life hell.

    Jamie knew her address, as well as her parents’ and where she worked, and even followed her to Ibiza.

    Abby revealed how it all began on her birthday in 2020 when he turned up at her parents’ house with a present and asked for a selfie and a hug.

    She went on to explain how Jamie appeared to know her so well, she thought she must have known him from school but had forgotten.

    But she told “I shouted for my mum and she came downstairs, and she said hi and he said, “Hi, I’m Jamie.”

    “I could tell she didn’t recognize him, and she told me to have a conversation with him.

    Abby said she didn’t recognize the man who showed up at her door, and became instantly alarmed.
    Courtesy of BBC

    “I asked him his age, where he was from and what his job was and that completely secured the voice in my head saying you don’t know who this is.”

    Horrified, Abby later sent a message to Jamie that he could never see her in person again, but he continued to turn up as she tried to go about her life.

    After performing on the beachfront at Brighton, Abby spotted Jamie hiding behind a beach hut in a black hoodie, and she said: “That’s when I thought that I was at physical risk. I was really scared.”

    Abby talks to BBC.
    As she was being stalked, Abby felt as though she were going to die.
    Courtesy of BBC

    A distraught Abby told her parents, who then got the police involved, but not before Jamie had tracked her down while she was on holiday in Ibiza.

    After finding her new address in Brighton, he was arrested.

    Discussing her ordeal, she added to the outlet: “I told myself that I was going to die.

    “I know that sounds completely blown out of proportion, but when you have a stranger following you and turning up to your house at night and following you after work, living in my shed, tracking my every move, learning my running route, I really did think my life was at risk.”

    After his arrest, it was revealed Jamie is autistic, and while Abby’s hatred eased and she hopes he gets the help and support he needs, she no longer feels like the person she was before.

    She said: “Even my nightmares are terrifying. I dream about it all the time.”

    This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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