‘Trailer Park Boys’ star Candy Palmater dies ‘suddenly’ at 53

Canadian comedian Candy Palmater, who was best known for her work on “The Candy Show” and “Trailer Park Boys,” has died at 53.

The indigenous star’s wife and manager, Denise Tompkins, revealed her passing in an Instagram statement Saturday.

“I have few words. Candy passed away today at home suddenly,” Palmater’s bereaved widow wrote. “I will post information soon.” The post came with an accompanying image that read, “a great glowing spirit left our world today,” along with the “Big Pride” actress’ birth and death dates.

Details surrounding the Toronto resident’s death are unknown, although Palmater had revealed on social media that she’d spent several weeks in a Toronto hospital.

Palmater first shared the news of her hospitalization in early December, along with a photograph of herself sporting a breathing tube.

Candy Palmater posted frequent social media updates from the hospital.

Then, 14 days into her stay, the entertainer divulged that she’d been diagnosed with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA), a rare ailment caused by inflammation of blood and/or tissue cells.

However, Palmater wrote in a subsequent post that she’d been discharged Dec. 15.

Born in New Brunswick, the Mi’kmaw Nation member is perhaps most famous for creating and co-hosting “The Candy Show” on APTN. The comedian also regularly served as a second mike on the talk show “The Social.”

Also a prolific actress, Palmater appeared in a variety of TV shows, including “Forgive Me,” “Sex And Violence” and “Trailer Park Boys,” and narrated the documentaries “Skindigenous” and “True North Calling.”

Palmater is best known for "The Candy Show."
Palmater is best known for “The Candy Show.”

Fans and collaborators were saddened to hear of her passing.

“Today our entire team is grieving the sudden passing of our good friend Candy Palmater, who always left us smiling a bit bigger, laughing a bit harder, and thinking a bit more critically about the world around us,” wrote “The Social’s” official Twitter account. “We’re thinking of her loved ones today. She’ll be deeply missed.”

“Candy was a gift to comedy,” seconded “Run The Burbs” creator Andrew Phung. “She was smart, hilarious, fearless, kind, just a total badass. Sending all my love to her family and friends.” He also included a photo of Palmater on her first day on set.

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tribute to Palmater, tweeting: “Canada lost an incredible talent and advocate yesterday.”

“Candy Palmater, a member of the Mi’kmaw Nation in NB, entertained and educated so many through her work — her passing is a huge loss,” he added. “My thoughts are with her family and partner, Denise, during this difficult time.”

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