TikToker reveals ‘hickey hack’ for keeping creeps away at the gym

One woman found the ultimate man-repellant for the gym: fake hickeys.

A TikTok user who goes by the screenname @blackmarketbagelsociety0 posted a video claiming that men stopped correcting her form since she started faking hickeys on her neck.

Using brown eyeshadow, she smeared the makeup to look like love marks, dubbing it her new “life hack” for a peaceful gym session.

“Guess my form is just better this week,” she joked in the caption of the video which has garnered over 191,000 likes thus far.

One look at the comments section implies women face this issue at the gym often.

While some users lamented they experienced similar situations and would now be using the hickey trick, others took digs at the men who give unsolicited advice at the gym.

“Misogynistic problems require misogynistic solutions,” one person commented.

“They respect the ‘man’ you’re ‘with’ more than you as a human being,” wrote another, “which says a lot about society.”

Other commenters said it was “sad” and that they were “sorry” that she had to go to such extreme lengths to force men to stay away from her while working out.

A woman on TikTok went viral for her hickey hack: smearing brown eyeshadow on her neck to ward off unwanted male attention.
Courtesy of @blackmarketbagelsoc

But this isn’t the only time women have gone viral on TikTok for being harassed at the gym.

Earlier this month, personal trainer Heidi Aragon confronted a man who was staring at her during her workout. Despite his denial that he was “just looking around,” she told him he was caught on video, and he quickly shut up.

In the comments section, most women jumped to Aragon’s defense, fighting back against people who were blaming “what she was wearing.”

Another TikTok user by the handle @marzii10 caught a man filming her from behind while lifting weights, posting the footage after the fact to TikTok, saying she was “disgusted.”

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