TikToker creates ultimate break-up album after ex’s jerk move

    When Laur Wheeler received a heartbreaking message from her ex boyfriend in June, she didn’t just get mad. She made a full-length album.

    The message, a blank birthday card with a cryptic message on the envelope, was a harsh reminder of their relationship’s demise.

    But the more she and her group of friends picked apart the strange delivery, the more they began to see the art of it all — and started coming up with song and poem titles.

    Released this week, “Birthday Card” features 12 tracks of spoken-word poems and songs.

    “It just started as a joke,” 24-year-old Wheeler told The Post. “Then, one of my friends said, ‘You should make that for real.’ “

    Like any Gen Zer would, Wheeler took her story and project to TikTok and received an onslaught of advice, ideas and offers to collaborate from music artists.

    The album, titled “Birthday Card,” first began as a joke when her friends studied pieces of a cryptic message from Wheeler’s ex and said they’d make great song titles.
    Courtesy of Laur Wheeler

    “Everyone kept commenting and reaching out to me with ideas about how to make the project bigger and bigger,” she said, adding that she felt “very overwhelmed.”

    But the positive reception — and subsequent stress of organizing a project of this magnitude — paid off. Featuring her inspirations, young-adult author John Green, of “Wonder” fame, and John Mulaney’s ex, Anna Marie Tendler, “Birthday Card” is a 12-track compilation of spoken word and music that spawned from that fateful, empty epistle.

    She thought the possibility of her videos even reaching her biggest influences was “impossible,” she said, until she asked her devout followers to get the attention of Tendler and Green.

    Green even gave a public promise of commitment, commenting, “We will work on it” and adding that he was “honored” that he and his wife were the partial inspiration for “this brilliant project.”

    But before she even began this endeavor, she said she wanted to tell her ex, assuming he might see it online.

    “I kind of gave him an overview of what the project would look like . . . and just let him know his name wouldn’t be on any of it,” she said.

    She added that she still has “a lot of respect” for him.

    “He thought it was gonna be cool to listen to songs he can relate to.”

    Laur Wheeler
    Nearly one year ago, the couple split, and despite asking for no contact, Wheeler’s ex still sent her a birthday card.
    Courtesy of Laur Wheeler

    But he isn’t the only one.

    While Wheeler thought moments of her relationship might be too niche for her audience, she was surprised when so many listeners “completely related.”

    “The coolest thing about this project is that people are always like, ‘Oh, no, I get exactly what you’re talking about,’ ” she said.

    Laur Wheeler and friends
    With the help of her friends and an ever-growing TikTok community of collaborators, the album was born.
    Courtesy of Laur Wheeler

    Since the birth of the project last year, Wheeler’s been racking up a following.

    Before the “Birthday Card” album, she had “a tenth of the following” she has now, which has amassed to more than 166,000 devotees on TikTok.

    “My only real goal was just to have it be a finished project,” she said, describing her viral popularity as “weird.” “Like, I would have been really happy and proud of it even if it had sucked and nobody liked it other than me.”

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