TikTok ambush interviewer Crackhead Barney gets TV show

This extremely chaotic, cop-harassing, anti-vaxxer mooning TikTok interviewer now has her own TV show.

Crackhead Barney and Friends has made a name for herself on social media for being an unshameable, bizarrely dressed mayhem machine, often stealing the spotlight from the individuals she is attempting to interview. The anonymous interrogator from Jamaica, Queens, has accrued quite the social media following with her New York City-based antics and is now taking her entire back catalog of work to the advertising-free streaming service, Means TV

“Barney has gained hundreds of thousands of followers by spinning comedy from Trump rallies, anti-vaxers, New York elected officials, Zionists and more, highlighting the absurdness of their beliefs and the chaotic nature of life,” according to a press release announcing the show’s Wednesday premiere. “Anarchist to the core and governable by no one, Crackhead Barney offers a spectacle of liberation and defiance.”

Crackhead Barney, doing her thing.
Rick Lombardo

Means TV will also publish new monthly Crackhead content as well as the many clips of her that were previously banned or removed from social media.

“Crackhead Barney and Friends is a human disruption, a confluence of the demonic forces in American culture played out on the streets of New York City,” Crackhead Barney told The Post.

crackhead barney and friends
Crackhead Barney speaks with a variety of Santas.
Rick Lombardo

She also claimed that Crackhead Barney and Friends is “the future of journalism” and “we can thank Elon Musk’s nonpaying taxes ass that we have Means TV to produce this lovely opera.” The connection between Means TV and the SpaceX founder, who said he will pay $11 billion in taxes this year, is unclear.

A trailer for the show features Crackhead Barney encouraging children to chant “abolish the police” and writhing in the street while she screams incoherently into her mic. 

crackhead barney and friends
Crackhead Barney shows Santa her butt.
Rick Lombardo

In addition to offering a platform that won’t censor her content — a persistent issue for Crackhead Barney on mainstream social platforms — fans can also look forward to seeing “my breasts and vagina full throttle while I swear and use curse words” and documentation of Crackhead Barney’s continued effort to stop “the tyrannical war on black t–ties.”

A monthly subscription to Means costs $10, and an annual subscription $110. Other content on the platform includes “Rodents of Unusual Size,” a feature film about “giant swamp rats invading coastal Louisiana” and “Seize the Memes,” a series “that encourages you to make your own f–king propaganda.”

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