The Trendy Boot Style That Kendall Jenner Packed On Vacation

In addition to, well, everything else that’s awe-worthy about Kendall Jenner, we can now add packing small and smart to her list of skills. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week (or perhaps doing a social media cleanse), you’ve likely already seen numerous photos of the supermodel on vacation in Aspen, both on and off the slopes. If so, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen something else: the pair of black, knee-high Dora Teymur boots that she’s been wearing over and over during her slope-side getaway.

First worn with the teensiest of leather miniskirts, followed by an effortless sweater-and-leggings combo, Jenner’s ultra-sleek boot style is clearly becoming a favorite of the model’s, making them they’re a favorite of ours, too. (Math.) Luckily, with brands ranging from Who What Wear Collection to BY FAR making knee-high boots of their own, there are plenty of ways for everyone to get Kendall’s go-to style. Shop our favorites, below.


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