The House of Gucci Outfit That Never Made the Movie

I don’t know about you, but the House of Gucci premiere had been circled on my calendar in red ink for the entirety of 2021. How could I not look forward to the biggest fashion-centric movie since The Devil Wears Prada? After seeing the film, I was eager to speak with the movie’s costume designer, Janty Yates, who expertly dreamed up looks that spanned three decades, the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s—no easy feat. 

In my interview with Yates, she revealed the outfit that briefly appeared in the trailer but never actually made it into the film. The look is a sequined blue halter dress that Lady Gaga wears while clubbing in one of the promotional images, and Yates detailed how Lady Gaga herself insisted that the look be “outrageous.” 

“[This scene] was actually was just going to be a black sequin dress,” Yates told Who What Wear. “Then Lady Gaga said, ‘Get me the most outrageous and dreadfully loud sequined fabric you can find.’ My buyer came with this wonderful bright turquoise. It’s very loud. [Lady Gaga’s character] is six months pregnant here. Sadly, [the scene] is only in the trailer, it’s not in the actual film. I guess [director Ridley Scott] was thinking, ‘Well all they’re doing is dancing and having a good time.'” Scroll down to see the outfit in question and read more fascinating behind-the-scenes details about other outfits as well. 

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