The Color Green Is 2022’s Biggest Beauty Trend — See Photos

    Many people are going green with their beauty routines — no, we’re not talking about reducing, reusing, or recycling. Last year, Beauty brands such as Urban Skin Rx and Humanrace started to embrace green in their packaging and branding. The shade has even been coined Gen Z green, replacing the millennial pink we once obsessed over. Now, green — both Gen Z and other shades — has jumped off our packaging and onto our face, nails, and hair to become a trending color in beauty looks. 

    Whether you’re looking for something dark like hunter green or something brighter that resembles Nickelodeon’s signature neon-green slime, there’s a verdant shade for you. It makes sense that so many folks have recently been adorning their nails in dark emerald hues, adopting vibrant green skunk stripes in their hair, and covering their lids with lime green pigments

    Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes attributes the color’s rise in popularity — at least as far as makeup goes — to fashion brands like Bottega Veneta, which featured knit dresses, bags, and more in the color for its Spring/Summer 2021 show. “They’ve made this kelly green color extremely trendy in fashion,” she shares. “I think a lot of things that people wear in makeup stem from fashion tones and colors.” She also credits nostalgia, seeing as beauty trends from the ’80s and ’90s (when bright colors were all too common) have come back in style.

    Hughes is of the mindset that green is a neutral color, so she believes it’s fairly easy to incorporate into any beauty routine. “Green is everywhere,” she shares. “Even though it might not be something you consider a neutral, just reframe your mind and how you look at that color.”

    Green seems to be one of the next “it” colors for beauty trends, so we chatted with beauty experts to figure out the best ways to incorporate the shade into your makeup looks, manicures, and hairstyles.

    Adding Green to Your Makeup

    Beauty is what you make it, so you’re more than welcome to use whatever shade of green you choose. But if you’re looking for a little help, New York City-based makeup artist Tommy Napoli suggests looking at your complexion. “I’d say it’s best to find greens that really complement one’s skin tone or contrast ones’ eye color,” he says.  

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