The Celebrity Beauty Brands We Actually Want in Our Lives

    THE CONCEPT: The rapper has been teasing a (currently nonexistent) beauty brand throughout his entire music career, including in his lyrics to 2018’s “Okra” (“Tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me/Skin glowin’, clear of acne”). He just needs to get into the lab and deliver a top-to-tail skin-care line.

    THE MOST COVETED PRODUCT: Gooey, the everyday (but nonetheless extremely lush) face lotion, hinted at in 2021’s “Safari.”

    The Manicure Set

    Illustration by Bella Geraci
    Illustration by Bella Geraci
    Illustration by Bella Geraci 

    Impish scamp prince Harry Styles, we know that you’re absolutely eager to start a nail polish brand, almost strictly pastel shades, with the exception of one quintessential pitch black. Provocative, edgy Bad Bunny, no need to ask you twice: You’re on top of launching an acrylics set with the sharpest points on the whole market, yes? And matchy-matchy visionary, Lisa from Blackpink, please supply the final touch: gemstones that adhere perfectly to a newly glossed nail. Thank you all so much. It’s a handshake deal — with a brief pause so we can show off our fresh nails.

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