The 9 Best-Smelling Solid Perfumes, Hands Down

Perfume rollerballs and travel-size sprays get all the love and attention where on-the-go fragrance is concerned, but we’re here to say solid perfumes are the best, most underrated way to keep your signature scent beautifully intact all day long.

Not only are solid perfumes pint-size and effortlessly compatible with even the teeniest of tiny handbags, but they’re also spill-proof and laced with truly skin-loving ingredients (think lush oils like coconut, sweet almond, jojoba, and more) that kill two birds with one stone by moisturizing your skin and dosing you with fragrance. Oh, and did we mention the super-chic packaging? We love that so many of our favorite solid perfumes are meticulously packaged in the prettiest, most display-worthy compacts—from seashells to charms to gold-encrusted adornments. Below, we’re sharing nine of the best-smelling solid perfumes along with the formulas they pair magically with. Keep scrolling!

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