The 6 Best Color Combinations for Outfits That Look So Chic

As someone who lives in neutrals, bold color pairings have always seemed particularly intimidating to me. My intuition just does understand that two opposing colors in my closet pair well together in a cool, unexpected way. But some people do have this creative gift, and I always make mental notes of these bold color pairings.

Sometimes pairing two colors together that don’t appear to work creates a unique outfit that’s truly eye-catching. As much as I love a monochromatic look, there’s just something about the unexpected pairing that makes it even more striking. From bold reds with soft pinks to mustard yellow paired with deep burgundy, below are six of the best color combinations that you’ll definitely want to have on your radar. You may even end up with new outfit ideas using pieces you already own but never thought to wear together.

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