The 20 Best Designer Leggings to Instantly Elevate Your Look

After the legging boom of the 2010s, I think we all decided to take a breather from the style. (Remember jeggings?) 10 years later, leggings are back, but this time they’re much more elevated. Luxury brands are investing in the trend and breathing new life into it. Below, you’ll find everything from floral- and tattoo-patterned leggings to more conservative styles like front-slit leggings, which can literally be worn every day in lieu of pants—a styling hack, if you ask me.

As far as styling goes, things have changed, too. This year, it’s all about layering leggings underneath your dresses and skirts to add some depth to your outfit. Keep scrolling to get into my favorite leggings across various categories currently on the market. I made sure to include a mix of styles and price points for everyone, too. I got you!

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