The 15 Best Celebrity Couple Style Moments of 2021


Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

WHO: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

WHAT: 2021 Met Gala

WEAR: On Rihanna: Balenciaga; Bulgari jewelry; Thelma West jewelry; Maria Tash custom earrings; On A$AP Rocky: Eli Russell Linnetz custom quilt

Maybe the most surprising relationship news of all the year was when A$AP Rocky and Rihanna made their debut. Whether or not you’re a fan, it goes without saying that this couple defines what celebrity couple style is and all that it should be. Individually, they take style risks—A$AP Rocky was wearing jewelry long before other men hopped on the trend, and Rihanna is, well, Rihanna. But what makes them dynamic as a couple is all the looks they’ve been serving (for example, the look above). 

While we all sat at home wrapped up in our duvets watching the Met Gala, they wore their blankets to the red carpet. Sure, only A$AP and RiRi could pull this off, but this moment and every other style moment this year proved that celebrity couples’ style is back and thriving. 


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