Tamar Braxton Drops Important Message About Friendship

Tamar Braxton just dropped an important message about friendship. Check it out here.
‘Not showing up for your friends is a breach. INSTANT termination!!! Stay true to your worth,’ Tamar said.
Someone posted this: ‘But everyone is going through the most during this pandemic. If a friend doesn’t show up, maybe they don’t have the capacity to. They don’t love you any less.’
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One other follower said: ‘I disagree with this statement. People including your friends could be going through shit you know nothing about. When my friends flake on me, I do not hold it against them. Some people had to use all the energy they possess to get out of bed this morning. You should know this Tamar.’
A fan posted this: ‘I just terminated a friend this weekend. Telling me you coming, had me wasting money & don’t show. Nope. They can kick rocks.’
Someone else said: ‘Your twin is “Tiny* since your change you guys look like twins, how BEAUTIFUL.’
A commenter said this: ‘They still care about you even they let you down they just might be stressed and not telling you be honest with them tho.’
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In other recent news, Tamar Braxton shared a message on her social emdia account in which she is expressing her gratitude for all that she has. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.
‘I have done a lot of cool things in my life, and I’m so grateful that God is still allowing me to have these amazing experiences. I first met this outstanding lady when I was 12 years old. In that very house in Philadelphia where we shot this fun show in 2021. Spending time with @mspattilabelle has always been amazing and special and family. Don’t miss this event. We are cooking, singing and having a ball. See ya Sunday on @tvonetv,’ Tamar captioned her post.
A follower said: ‘Is the consistency of being who you are which iS EVERYTHING! For meee,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Best singer in the world with so much power and emotions. Much better than Beyonce for sure.’

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