Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall feud has astrological roots

Romance never goes out of season. The same can be said for a little bit of drama.

With the Dec. 9 arrival of “And Just Like That …” — a spin-off of the iconic series “Sex and the City” — on HBO Max, fans are eager to embark on yet another chapter with their favorite characters. The new series debuted a trailer, hinting at a more diverse cast as well as modern romantic-comedy tropes, including dating apps. Welcoming back Sarah Jessica Parker, 56, as the legendary Carrie Bradshaw, as well as Kristin Davis, 56, Cynthia Nixon, 55, and Chris Noth, 67, fans are still sour about the lack of sex kitten Kim Cattrall, 65.

Yet, is this even a surprise?

For years, fans have speculated about an alleged “mean girls culture” that destroyed the series from the inside — as well as reportedly canceled the third “SATC” movie. While Cattrall has gone on the record to state she’s closed that chapter — and she wasn’t “friends” with Parker, or other cast members — Noth recently stepped in to defend his co-star Parker with nothing but supportive claims.

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker go in for cordial air kisses while hanging with Cynthia Nixon, Tom Cruise and Kristin Davis at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards.
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So what caused this fiery mess — and is there a chance that the cast could reunite peacefully once again? Let’s consult the stars because that’s what I do best!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s birth chart shows her strength

Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965. That makes her an Aries Sun with a Capricorn Moon. Her natal chart is predominantly composed of Fire and Earth — meaning that she’s someone who can take her passion and harness it into action almost effortlessly. She’s as much a visionary as she is a doer — ready to not only strike out as a leader but also unafraid to get down to work. That perseverance makes her a force to be reckoned with, which is why she has had such an iconic and extensive career. I remember my first introduction to her in the original “Hocus Pocus” — we’d watch it every year for Halloween at my grandma’s. She was definitely a part of my gay awakening because I remember being, like, 8 and thinking: “Wow, she is fabulous.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker is as much a visionary as she is a doer.
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Parker’s birth chart reveals that she’s immensely assertive, and her Mars — the planet of drive — is united with Pluto, the planet of domination. She has a deep hunger for power, and this strong-willed mentality has led her to be where she is now. She’s feisty, fearless and calculated — she’s a woman who gets what she wants. I am sooooo looking forward to crossing paths with her someday!

Kim Cattrall’s birth chart shows she lives for self-transformation

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall was born on a Full Moon, meaning she lives large in the spotlight.

Next up, we have the dynamic Kim Cattrall! She was born on Aug. 21, 1956. That makes her a Leo Sun with an Aquarius Moon. Right off the bat, I see that she was born on a Full Moon — meaning that she is always eager to live large and be in the spotlight. With her being a Leo, this is intensified even more. Leos are known for their creative brilliance and star power.

But the thing that I found fascinating is that her Sun is in the exact same place as Pluto, the planet of intensity, transformation and power. That means she has tremendous resources of strength and willpower within her. She’s unafraid to vocalize her beliefs and stand up before them. To her, self-transformation is a way of life. She goes through many rebirths throughout her lifetime, living in one incarnation, stage or relationship for a while — until she has learned everything she can from it and then burns it down like a phoenix to rise again.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall
“Sex and the City” actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall grab a cosmo.
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"Sex And The City"
“Sex and the City” stars Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall live it up in Season 2.
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That doesn’t mean she’s inherently destructive, but it does mean she cannot be limited to one story or character for too long because — once she has outgrown it — she cannot even relate to that place anymore. That makes her captivating to watch on screen and in the media but it also gives clear insight into why she is done with her work on the series. She followed that journey for quite a long time — past the point she had likely ever intended to. Cattrall is called to experience everything that life has to offer, in a constant state of new beginnings.

Another important aspect to note is that her Moon, ruling her inner emotional life, is in a sharp conflict with Saturn, the planet of challenges. This not only reveals that throughout her life she has experienced blockages in regards to expressing her feelings but especially around situations with other women! Her Saturn is clashing with her Sun and Pluto, too, showing that she may feel deeply focused on recognition, but she can feel hostile with other people in authority if she does not receive equal respect. Sounds like the perfect storm — that “Sex and the City” drew all of this right out of her! Crazy, right?

What caused the drama between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall?

The moment of truth: why all the hate? Can’t we all just hug and get along?

Well, as I previously explained in each of Parker and Cattrall’s birth chart analyses, you can tell why there is such a sense of friction. Parker was the star of the show and eventually rose to executive producer — and as much as Cattrall likely felt excited by the camaraderie at the beginning (their birth chart comparisons are actually very friendly and compatible), the friction and tension were always going to grow because of how strongly Pluto is aspected in both of their charts.

Pluto always represents complete and total domination, control and influence — and with them both being empowered by this, there is a natural battle to be found. Also, Pluto can be a malefic planet that causes power struggles (and straight-up war … ick). With Parker being an Aries, she’s likely to feel heated about something but then move on and prefer to hug and make-up. Cattrall, though, is a Leo and that is a Fixed sign. Leos are notorious for being stubborn and refusing to let go — especially with Pluto conjunct her Sun.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in an episode of "Sex and the City."
Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in an episode of “Sex and the City.”

Again, in no way do those aspects make either of them toxic people — in fact, there are so many absolutely sweet, friendly and amazing parts within their natal charts. (Hey ladies — holler at me and let’s grab a cosmo while I read your charts, k? First round is on me!).

The rest of the cast — including sweet Pisces Kristin Davis, powerhouse Aries Cynthia Nixon and magnetic Scorpio Chris North — are happy to follow the established hierarchy because that’s what they’re used to. They each get to shine in their own way.

Will Kim Cattrall return to the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot, ‘And Just Like That … ’?

"And Just Like That ..." they're back: Reprising their roles are Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, Sarah Jessica Parker as “arrie Bradshaw and Kristin Davis as Charlotte York.
“And Just Like That …” they’re back: Reprising their roles are Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, Sarah Jessica Parker as “arrie Bradshaw and Kristin Davis as Charlotte York.

While I’d need her birth time to know for certain and she hasn’t given it to me directly at this time, my honest hunch lines up with what she’s stated: It’s a no. However, the only way she could be tempted to return is if the storyline for Samantha was massively different and she was actually exploring new territory as an actress and character. That is because of her Sun united with Pluto. As for her career, I am soooooo not worried because Cattrall has many extremely positive planetary alignments in the years to come that will help her to take on new roles and see professional recognition.

Parker, too, has some gorgeous years ahead of her — especially with Jupiter joining her Sun sign from May to October 2022 and again in the first five months of 2023. In many ways, Parker is celebrating the achievements of her life now and reveling in her legacy — and she will find that she gets to experience more happiness and creative expression in the years to come, too. I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a third “Hocus Pocus” with “And Just Like That … ” running for at least two to three seasons. Buckle up for plenty of Parker, fans. She’s coming with fire!

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