Review: Half Magic’s Magic Flick Is the Weirdest, Most Genius Eyeliner Pen I’ve Ever Used — See Photos

    Donni Davy struggles with liquid eyeliner pens. Yes, that Donni Davy, the makeup artist best known for Euphoria and, therefore, the queen of graphic eye makeup. “I’ve had an interesting journey with eyeliner pens. I find them really hard to use, but they’re kind of the go-to.”

    When she says this while introducing me to the latest launches from her brand, Half Magic, I heave a sigh of relief; thank God, it’s not just me. Fifteen years of practice aside, I still at times wind up with winged eyeliner that’s off somehow, and anything more graphic than that is intimidating and time-consuming enough to make me stray from it most of the time. That’s exactly why Davy has created Magic Flick, a $20 eyeliner pen that I guarantee is like nothing you’ve ever seen or used. 

    Instead of the traditional tapered brush or cone-shaped felt-tip applicator, Magic Flick’s is flat, wider than the standard liner pen, and has a rounded edge — kind of like a disc. It’s slightly flexible with a formula that only goes exactly where you put it, and all these elements factor into what I consider the ideal liquid eyeliner experience. Because the genius of this product isn’t just that it lends itself to effortless everyday application — it’s that this eyeliner can be used to make so many different lines and shapes that its only limitation is your imagination, not necessarily the natural steadiness of your hand. 

    Courtesy of brand

    Courtesy of brand

    As you’ll see from the swatches shown below, all you need to do to access this pen’s many “settings,” as I like to call them, is to hold and drag it at different angles. If you hold it perpendicular to your face with that flat tip angled horizontally and let just the edge gently touch your eye, you’ll get a razor-thin, straight line — push down a little harder and that line will get thicker. Pretty self-explanatory. However, if you rotate the pen until the edge is vertical (or something close to it), you’ll get a bold, blacked-out line Julia Fox would envy. Change the angle mid-swipe and you can create calligraphic shapes that seamlessly shift in size and shape. 

    What’s more: The unique shape of this pen also serves as a built-in stamp — well, multiple stamps. Because the pen is flexible and not flimsy, you can press it down onto your face at different angles to create shapes you can leave as-is or use as a base for other designs. 

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