Relationship expert reveals the secrets to successful dating

A relationship expert has revealed her top tips to appear confident on your first date.

Irish dating coach Francis Kelleher explains how to overcome the daunting nerves before the first date, so you can put your best foot forward.

One of the best tips that Francis offers is to try not to focus too hard on yourself and make it about the other person.

“You know, if you concentrate on the other person, you’re listening to the other person, this is ultimately it if you put the focus on getting to know that person and having an interesting conversation they’re the two things,” she told the Irish Mirror.

Another tip Francis revealed was to try and build up your confidence before a date, and to do this she suggests you take power poses, including the superman pose.

“It’s a pose where you’re standing with your legs spread and your hands on your waist. They also call it the wonder woman pose. If you do those poses before you go on the date, you will be more confident” she said.

She added: “You have to change your physiology to change your psychology.”

Body language is also very important on the date, says Francis and she uses the advice that Julia Roberts follows, which is to always stand up straight.

Therefore she explains it is important for both men and women to walk into the restaurant or venue standing up straight and to sit straight when they get to the chair.

Her final tip is to always keep eye contact during the date, to make an emotional connection.

Although many people find it nerve-wracking, the coach says that this is a great way of building attraction.

“Through eye contact, you build attraction. It’s a way of building attraction, so eye contact is huge” said Francis.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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