Real-life Rapunzel who went gray as a teen is now a viral beauty

    Hair so long it needs its own measuring tape.

    A Hungarian woman with tresses for days is a real-life Rapunzel, letting down her hair for the internet masses.

    Farmworker Anna Shepherd, 30, was once bullied as a teenager when her hair went prematurely gray. But now she’s showing up her haters with viral fame: The silver-haired beauty has a 16,000-person following on Instagram, where she shows off her 5-foot-long mane in stunning rural locations.

    Shepherd found her first gray hair when she was only 13. At the time, her schoolmates would mock her, calling her names like “Cruella” — the villain from the animated flick “101 Dalmatians,” she told News Dog Media.

    When she was a teenager, she asked her mom to let her dye her hair to a normal shade so she wouldn’t get bullied.

    “I was so sad and worried that I would look old,” she told the news service. “I felt extremely self-conscious all the time. People would stare at my strands of gray hair and I would get remarks about it.”

    Shepherd was bullied as a teenager after she found her first gray hair at 13.
    @prettyshepherd/News Dog Media

    “But over time, I learned to love my gray hair and it became an extension of myself,” she added.

    She hasn’t been back to the hairstylist since she was 14 because she felt that they chopped off too much of her hair at the time.

    “Since then I have never been back to the hairdresser. If I ever need to, I just ask my mother to give me a trim but that’s only once in a few years,” the hair goddess explained.

    She now has 16,000 followers on Instagram where she show off her hair in folklore-based photoshoots.
    She now has 16,000 followers on Instagram where she shows off her hair in folklore-based photoshoots.
    @prettyshepherd/News Dog Media

    Shepherd says her beauty regimen involves only washing her hair once a month. She only uses a dab of oil to keep it “tame” and “manageable.” She can even go for weeks without brushing it and she says that it helps her locks stay intact.

    She now showcases her vintage and folklore-inspired aesthetic with her followers, regularly posting photos involving hair care, fashionable photoshoots and hairstyles.

    While working on the farm and in the fields, she has to tie her hair back intricately for safety.

    Shepherd now believes she can help erase the stigma from going gray prematurely.
    Shepherd now believes she can help erase the stigma from going gray prematurely.
    @prettyshepherd/News Dog Media

    “It’s honestly easier having long hair on the farm because you don’t have to style it and you can put it up in a bun,” Shepherd noted. “Sometimes when I’m doing a lot of physical work on the farm, I can go for a week without brushing it and it’s fine.”

    She also revealed that she’s had some wild requests from men, including one who wanted to lick her hair. But for the most part, her fans appreciate the way she’s embracing her natural look.

    “There’s definitely a stigma with a young woman having gray hair,” Shepherd said, “and I would love to help change that.”

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