Rasheeda Frost And Kirk Frost Are Celebrating Their 22nd Anniversary

Rasheeda Frost is celebrating her and Kirk Frost’s anniversary. Check out her message on social media and see some of the fans’ reactions.
‘Happy Anniversary to my love @frost117 it’s been 22 years & we have an eternity to go! Through the good & bad, rain & sun, ups & downs, failures & accolade’s we still standing & loving each other more & more! #thefrost I love you till the wheels fall off babe!’ she captioned her post.
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Someone said: ‘Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple Gods richest blessings,’ and a commenter said: ‘Happy anniversary babe yes we are so blessed to be here & I’m so thankful I love you so much @rasheeda.’
A commenter posted this: ‘Happy anniversary to the both of you and may God continue to bless you guys for many more years to come.’
One other follwoer said: ‘Happy Anniversary to you both. May God continue to bless your union,’ and a follower said: ‘She meant to say through the disrespect affairs and children you had on me ill always be your clown there you go sis fixed it for you.’
Rasheeda Frost is showing fans one of her workout sessions. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account.
‘I was down for a couple weeks but now I’m back & when I say I can feel it the struggle is real! It’s #ab day & I’m wrapped tight in my @whatwaistofficial waist band & I’m goin for it ima be mad tomorrow,’ she wrote.
Someone said: ‘You put in work in everything you do!! I admire you so much,’ and a commenter said: ‘Will do this in the morning when I get off.’
Also, Rasheeda Frost is talking about the importance of credit. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account.
‘Just wanted to talk about the importance of credit! You need help getting yours together?? Well check out @mikethecreditchamp as a matter a fact swipe over & capture the code!’ she said.
Rasheeda is living her best life with her family and friends these days.

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