Porsha Williams Shows Off Her Christmas Gifts – See The Pics And Clips

Porsha Williams is showing off her clips and photos featuring her Christmas gifts and fans are in awe. Check out her post below.
‘I’m finally finished!! I wasn’t going to let being sick as hell stop my baby’s christmas!! Got everything wrapped and ready for my princess @pilarjhena and she betta open every single one. Merry Christmas y’all!! #ChristmasEve #TeamNoSleep #MommaClause #MommaBear #PapaBear @iamsimonguobadia’ Porsha captioned her post.
Someone said: ‘Love it that was me I wasn’t sick just working alot got the last of the wrappings done earlier today, mommies make it happen.’
A follower posted this: ‘Merry Christmas to you and the fam Porsha said oh baybay these gifts gon be under that mf tree.’
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One other commenter said: ‘I just finished too n my body is quickly shutting down,’ and a follower said: ‘Amazing…The things us mothers do for our children! Merry Christmas to you and your family.’
A fan said: ‘I wish you a very nice Christmas. May he bring you joy, happiness and all that you deserve,’ and one other follower said: ‘@porsha4real sis i hope you get to feeling better! And thats the problem they stop at the first or second gift.’
One fan said: ‘Girl I said the same thing, being sick is not about to stop this show. Mama bears don’t play that we gets it done. @porsha4real happy holidays love.’
A commenter posetd this: ‘I remember those days. I once waited until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts for three kids. When I tell y’all I felt like I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open … NEVER did I do that again.’
Someone else said: ‘Chileee I done put the stuff back in the Amazon boxes and target bags and wrote their names on them though I did put together a basketball hoop and kitchen set lol.’
Porsha Williams is addressing time management on her social media account. Check out the post that she shared on her IG.
‘Pop Of Porsha – Time Management What is your life hack to time management?!’ Porsha captioned her post.
A fan said: ‘Girl I absolutely love u so much,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘The scars of your love, they leave me breathless.’

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