Porsha Williams Becomes A National Best Selling Author

Porsha Williams became a National Bestselling Author. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.
‘OMGGGG *Joe We did it!! I am officially a NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR !! Thank you to all of you who came out to meet me on tour and who have bought! Your out pour of love and support means the world to me! Also Thank you to everyone who has left an honest heart felt review on @amazon & for the 5 Star rating !!’ Porsha said.
Porsha continued and said: ‘Please continue to leave reviews and I have read every single one and bonding with you all in this way really makes it worth all the blood sweat and tears to get you this memoir!! The National Best Seller tag will now be officially printed on every copy of my next batch of books!!! Thank you Lord I’m so appreciative of this moment @pilarjhena Mommy loves you soooo much and everything I do is for you pooh bear!!’
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Someone said: ‘National Best Selling Author Porsha Williams! Has a ring to it. I like. Congrats!!’ and a fan said: ‘I’m listening now on audible and so glad I mad that choice. Hearing your words in your actual voice is powerful. Really enjoying the book thus far.’
One other follower posted this: ‘Porsha congratulations on The Pursuit of Porsha, being a national bestselling author and your Bravo new reality family show. Your book was a very inspirational read. You poured your heart and soul into it and really shared your pitfalls. I love your honesty and candor and I know it’s gonna help others. Praise God for healing your heart and letting you find peace and rest in Him. I missed you on the NY book signing leg of your tour but I caught some of your virtuals and enjoyed them. Continue trusting and depending on God to take you higher in all your dreams and future career aspirations.’
A follower said: ‘Oh my God Porsha. I got the chills and the feels as i was reading this post and i know it was nobody but God. Want he do it. Congrats.’
A follower said: ‘Congratulations @porsha4real you look so happy. I’m so very proud of your success.. The devil’s thought they had you but God.’
A fan said: ‘You go, lady! Congratulations and keep striving to do more great things in life.’

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