People are horrified by this man’s tiny NYC apartment

    One TikTok user showed the world just how much you actually get for an apartment in New York City’s sought-out West Village neighborhood. 

    And it’s not much. 

    In a 46-second clip, the user — who goes by the name AJ Webber — offered a tiny tour of his Manhattan pad and gave prospective New Yorkers a glimpse into what they might have to endure if they decide to make a move to the Big Apple. The video went viral overnight after it left viewers feeling uneasy.

    “Here is what it’s like living in the smallest apartment in New York,” Webber said. “Whatever your expectations are, lower them.” 

    He then opens a door to show one simple room, resembling a walk-in closet and spanning about 75 square feet of living space. 

    AJ Webber shows off his tiny apartment in Manhattan that has no bathroom.
    TikTok / @ajwebber

    “As soon as you walk in the door, you have the sink,” Webber said. “Right next to the sink is, conveniently located, the kitchen.” 

    Webber — who didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post — then showed his small shelf space for food and outlined how he has “one bowl, one plate.” 

    “The pantry is absolutely stocked,” he jokingly added. “I just realized that all those foods are carbohydrates and also come in a box. There is no nutritional value here.” 

    The kitchen appears to be missing a stove and only has a microwave oven and a mini-fridge. 

    When he opens the door, the entire space is seen.
    When he opens the door, the entire space is seen and consists of a sink, bed, and small mini-fridge.
    TikTok / @ajwebber
    Upon entry is the sink.
    The sink is the first thing seen upon entry.
    TikTok / @ajwebber

    He then pans out to the “living quarters,” as Webber winks and points to his bunk bed, which consists of a queen-sized bed on the bottom and a twin-sized mattress on top.

    “I have two beds, but only one me. Some nights I am a queen guy, other nights I am a twin,” he joked.

    Webber then turned on a purple lava lamp, adding: “Yeah, that’s what the place was missing.” He also was able to somehow squeeze in an electric piano below the top bunk.

    The kitchen space only has a mini fridge, microwave and a small two-shelf pantry place above it.
    The kitchen space next to the sink only has a mini-fridge, microwave and a small, two-shelf pantry space above it.
    TikTok / @ajwebber
    The "living quarters" only consists of a bunk bed, with a queen-sized bed at the bottom and a twin-sized bed on top.
    The “living quarters” only consist of a bunk bed, with a queen-sized bed on the bottom and a twin-sized mattress on top.
    TikTok / @ajwebber

    The tour left viewers horrified at just how bad his living situation was.

    “I lowered my expectations and still, they were too high,” one user said in the comments section. 

    “My dorm room is bigger than that,” another user added. Meanwhile, one commenter added a potentially helpful tip to increase space: “Why don’t you Get rid of your lower bed and just sleep in the loft and then you have room for sitting !!!”

    But many additionally noticed one important amenity was missing — the bathroom, about which Webber quipped, “did you not see the window,” in response to one viewer’s question.

    But, in reality, he has to share a communal bathroom he posted about in a separate Tiktok video. 

    Sadly, it gets even worse: There is no soap and you have to bring your own toilet paper.

    “So, if you forget, you have to do a little waddle back to your room,” Webber explained.

    While the rental price hasn’t been revealed, it’s estimated that a similar dorm-like room costs around $1,600. However, one TikTok commenter didn’t think any price tag was reasonable, offering, “Whatever you’re paying is too much.”

    Webber revealed in a later post that he has only lived in New York for three weeks.

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