NYC woman does ‘The Holiday’ house swap, meets her Jude law

    Sometimes life really does imitate art.

    An American woman has fallen for a hunky British man during a transatlantic house swap, with their love story garnering comparisons to the hit rom-com “The Holiday.”

    New Yorker Camille Wyand, 25, jetted to London earlier this month after spotting an ad on Instagram for a home swap with UK travel writer Lizzie Frainier.

    Wyand arrived in the English capital on December 6, while Frainer flew out to the Big Apple to enjoy Wyand’s West Village apartment.

    As part of the home swap, which was organized and paid for by HomeExchange and the dating service Thursday, Wyand was set up with a dating profile.

    She soon matched with tech consultant Paddy James, 28, and the pair began to exchange messages.

    Wyand, 25, has experienced her own “Holiday”-style love story. The NYC consultant swapped houses with a British woman, and found herself falling for Brit Paddy James. Diaz and Jude Law starred in “The Holiday” (top right) and bear a striking resemblance to new couple James and Wyand.
    Jam Press

    “We decided to go on a date. I was really nervous but so excited. We had been texting and had great chemistry,” Wyand told Jam Press.

    They met for dinner at a restaurant in the city, and instantly clicked.

    “It was really fun,” Wyand said. “We had a great time getting to know each other, hearing about his friends and life, sharing with him about mine, bonding over our love for travel and different travel stories.”

    Wyand and James had instant chemistry when they met up at a London restaurant.
    Wyand and James had instant chemistry when they met up at a London restaurant.
    Jam Press/@camillewyand

    “We also both work in consulting, which was a funny coincidence. [We] talked about shared experiences with that. The conversation flowed so easily, and it went by way too fast.”

    Wyand’s experience has echoes of “The Holiday” — the hit 2006 Nancy Meyers movie starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

    In that film, American producer Amanda (Diaz) switches homes with British journalist Iris (Winslet) for the festive season. While staying in the UK, Amanda meets and falls in love a handsome book editor named Graham (Law).

    Wyand and James are pictured posing at The White Horse in Surrey. The pub served as a filming location for "The Holiday."
    Wyand and James are posed at the White Horse in Surrey, England. The pub served as a filming location for “The Holiday.”
    Jam Press/@camillewyand

    Wyand and James decided to pay tribute to “The Holiday” when they organized their second date. They agreed to meet outside the city in Surrey at the White Horse — a pub that is featured in the film.

    “It was so much fun being in the pub. They have a spot where there’s a [poster] of ‘The Holiday’ … hanging up and we got some pictures sitting under that,” said the blond — who bares more than a passing resemblance to Cameron Diaz.

    Again, the prospective couple enjoyed each other’s company, with James telling Jam Press: “It felt very natural. It was really fun.”

    Wyand even believes her British date looks like Graham from “The Holiday.”

    “Paddy kinda looks like Jude Law and overall he was really sweet and kind like the character,” she cooed. “I really thought we would just go on one date and it would be a funny story given the situation. I wasn’t expecting to hit it off so well with him like we did.”

    Wyand has since left the UK and returned to Manhattan. Although a long-term romance may be unlikely due to the 3,460-mile distance, all hope is not lost.

    The pair plan to travel to see each other again.

    “I was so sad to leave, of course sad to leave Paddy, but I had also made some new friends while in London so was sad to leave them, as well,” she stated. “I guess I will have to come back!”

    James agreed, telling Jam Press: “Of course I would see her again. It’s just a shame she is now 3,460 miles away! I have actually never been to New York, so it would be amazing to go. I need to start saving!”

    Nancy Meyers would approve! Wyand, 25, got to stay in this plush pad in London.
    Nancy Meyers would approve! Wyand, 25, got to stay in this plush pad in London.
    Jam Press/@camillewyand

    Wyand recently shared her experience on TikTok, with the video capturing the hearts of a plethora of viewers. It has racked up over 1.7 million views so far and over 112,000 likes.

    “Oh you’re KIDDING … what a dream,” one fan commented.

    “I’m literally watching ‘The Holiday’ right now,” another wrote. “Does he have a beautiful accent too?? So happy to see real people finding joy with this idea!”

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