No-Bake Pecan Pie Tarts – Running on Real Food

    These delicious no-bake pecan pie tarts are easy to make with 7 simple ingredients and perfect for a crowd-pleasing holiday dessert.

    Love pecan pie but don’t feel like baking or using all that butter and corn syrup? Well, then you’ll love these no-bake pecan pie tarts!

    These adorable little desserts are super tasty and easy to make with just 7 ingredients. You can prep them ahead of time too and just stash them away in the freezer to grab as needed, making them handy for a single-serve dessert to serve just a few people.

    For an extra special treat, serve with your favourite dairy-free whipped cream. They’re sure to be a hit!

    Recipe Features

    • Dietary Features: Vegan, gluten-free.
    • Easy to make with 7 pantry staple ingredients.
    • Taste like pecan pie but no baking or corn syrup involved.
    • Make an excellent dessert for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
    • Serve with whipped cream or ice cream for the ultimate treat.

    Ingredient Notes

    Visual list of ingredients for making a no-bake vegan pecan pie recipe. Each ingredient is labelled with text.

    Complete list of ingredients with amounts and instructions is located in the recipe card below.

    • Walnuts: Use plain, raw walnuts with no added oil or salt. I used pre-chopped walnut pieces so take that into account when measuring. The best way to ensure accuracy is to use a kitchen scale.
    • Dates: The dates for the crust will need to be soft and moist as they help bind everything together. The dates for the filling get soaked in water, so it’s not a big deal if they’re a little dry. Any kind of date works. I like medjool, sayer or deglect noor.
    • Coconut Oil: This helps firm up both the filling and the crust. It can’t be omitted in this recipe.
    • Cinnamon & Vanilla: Optional but recommended for the best flavour.
    • Maple Syrup: Adds flavour and a little extra sweetness to the pecan filling. You can use honey (not vegan) or agave syrup if you prefer.
    • Pecans: Use plain, raw pecans with no added oil or salt.

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    Step 1: Soak the dates for the filling.

    Place the dates (pitted) in a bowl and cover with hot water. While they soak you can start preparing the crust.

    Step 2: Make the crust.

    Add the crust ingredients to a food processor and blend into a crumbly but sticky dough you can press between your fingers.

    Blended dates and walnuts in a food processor container.

    Prepare a 12-piece muffin pan with cupcake liners then add 1 heaping tablespoon of the dough to each cup. Once you’ve filled them all, divide any remaining dough between them.

    Use your fingers to firmly press the dough down into a flat layer in each cup. Place the whole pan in the freezer while you make the filling.

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