My giant one-year-old weighs 36 pounds and has to wear adult diapers

    A one-year-old has grown so large for his age that he has to wear – ADULT nappies.

    Baby Sonny weighed over nine pounds when mom Jayde Leeder gave birth last December.

    And he has continued growing – now tipping the scales at a staggering 36 pounds.

    The tot has consequently has outgrown the largest size of Huggies nappies that the brand have to offer.

    In a hilarious TikTok video, the mom-of-three Jayde explains that she has had to go out and buy adult nappies for Sonny – because the baby size doesn’t fit around his waist.

    When Jayde was pregnant with Sonny doctors were concerned she had gestational diabetes due to the size of her stomach and her extensive weight loss.

    They checked four times for the condition, but, as it turned out, when Jayde finally gave birth, Sonny was just bigger than they’d expected.

    Jayde, from Sydney, Australia said: “When I was pregnant he always measured a week or two bigger.

    Leeder said Sonny’s size shouldn’t be a surprise because his father is a “big solid Russian.”
    Jayde Leeder / SWNS
    Sonny and his mother Jayde and brothers Mint and Iggy.
    Sonny and his mother Jayde, 42, and brothers Minty, 9, left, and Iggy, 14.
    Jayde Leeder / SWNS

    “Doctors were concerned about his size and they originally thought I had diabetes but thankfully that wasn’t the case – I just had a special boy on the way.

    Sonny has to wear adult diapers because the baby size doesn’t fit around his waist.
    Jayde Leeder / SWNS

    “His dad is a big solid Russian and and my oldest was over nine pounds when he was born so it was to be expected in a way.

    “Sonny’s a happy little character and he makes some hilarious faces – he is very cheeky.

    “He knows when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be and thinks it’s funny to see my reaction.

    “He’s crawling and just learning to stand, but I have some skeletal problems and he seems to have inherited a few hypermobility issues as his ankle joints are a bit stiff.

    “It’s nothing serious though and he is having regular physio so he will walk soon enough.

    “I’m very lucky to have him in our beautiful family and can’t wait to watch him grow and develop in the future.”

    This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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