Ms. Marvel Directors Tease The Possibility Of A Second Season For The Disney+ Series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe branched off its formats in phase 4 by including shows streamed on Disney+ in addition to the movies that it was already making. The show format proved quite successful as it brought about many amazing series including Loki, Moon Knight, WandaVision and of course, Ms. Marvel.
Ms. Marvel introduced a new superhero into the MCU named Kamala Khan. Kamala is a Pakistani American citizen living in New Jersey. She is a massive fan of the Avengers and all the superheroes in the MCU but especially of Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers. Kamala ends up receiving powers of her own and finding out that her family lineage is actually not from Earth at all but rather she belongs to a different dimension.
The show received great reviews from critics and fans alike especially from the fans in the heroes native country of Pakistan and the people are excited to see what adventures Kamala Khan will be taking on next.
Part of her future is known as she is confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming film, The Marvels along side Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau but what fans are truly interested in knowing is whether or not Ms. Marvel will be renewing for a season 2.
Rumors have been going around lately that Marvel has given Ms. Marvel the greenlight for a second season in secret and just haven’t announced it yet. While these rumors did not have anything concrete behind them yet, in a recent Instagram post made by the directors of Ms. Marvel, they have all but confirmed a season 2 for the show.
The video shows the directors talking about the making of the first season and how they approached the superhero while the caption underneath read as follows:
“Just reminiscing on our time spent in the MCU, who’s ready for season 2?!”
This all but seals the deal that a season 2 is definitely happening and the directors from season 1 will be taking the reigns once again.

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