Movie theater worker exposes items patrons leave behind

    Trashy ain’t flashy.

    A TikTok user is going viral for sharing the gross things that movie theater-goers leave behind after film screenings.

    An usher who goes by the name Simply Rachael on the platform posted a video titled “Things I find while ushering.” 

    The clip has almost 7 million views and 1.4 million likes so far. The video showed Rachael cleaning up after an early screening of the animated musical film “Sing 2.”

    The worker found enough trash to fill six large 50-gallon garbage bags.

    Among the items found in the cinema included popcorn spilled everywhere, a black hat, dollar bills, a pair of AirPods, sunflower seeds, empty buckets, soda cups and ripped-up napkins.

    “We had to bring out the big broom,” Rachael said as she swept up the heaps and heaps of buttered popcorn on the floor.

    Elsewhere in the video she explained that the theater sold 194 tickets for the screening. It also took herself and two other workers 45 minutes to spruce up the theater.

    “And it was not like clean clean,” Rachael added. “It was like, we had to leave when the movie started.” 

    Viewers took to the comments to express their sheer disgust at the room’s trashy residue.

    “I understand a little [spilled] popcorn but SPITTING YOUR SUNFLOWER SEEDS ON THE FLOOR!?” one wondered.

    Another said, “Who has that much popcorn leftover? I finish mine before the trailers end.”

    “I tell my kids before every movie: It might be their job to clean up after us, but that doesn’t mean it’s our job to make a mess,” said another person.

    One person lamented, “I can’t understand people. I feel so bad if I drop like 2 pieces of popcorn and people be throwing it in the air like confetti.”

    Buckets of popcorn, empty soda cups and napkins were among the items found in the dirty theater.

    TikTok has become a whistleblowing breeding ground for employees from different fields to expose what goes on behind the scenes at their jobs.

    Vy Nguyen, a 26-year-old engineer, took to the social media platform to reveal that she quit her 9-to-5 job at an engineering firm to prioritize her mental health. Her video made headlines when she revealed that her boss supposedly hired two people to replace her. “So I could have been making twice as much as I was making,” she said in the clip.

    Another TikTok user showed a work hack called “mouse movers.” The device allows for employees to take breaks free from “paranoia” that their bosses will think they aren’t working hard enough.

    “If you work from home and you carry your laptop around with you all over the house because you are so paranoid that the 30 minutes you spend away from your desk during lunch your computer will go to ‘away,’ And then you will be fired because no one will think you’re doing any work, I have something to recommend,” the creator, Leah, said in a July TikTok featuring the hack. 

    “It’s called a mouse mover, and it moves your mouse while you’re away, so you can go to the bathroom free from paranoia,” she concluded.

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