Mom shares viral hack for hanging Christmas tree lights on TikTok

    With the holiday season in full swing, a mom is sharing her secret for hanging Christmas tree lights without all the hassle. 

    Tamara Weatherbee, a mom of three, posted a video on TikTok last month showing how she puts up lights on her Christmas trees. 

    Weatherbee, who uses the TikTok username @tamara_weatherbee, writes in the video: “If you are still wrapping your lights all the way around and round your tree then this video is for you. This is a Christmas lights hack I learned last year that has changed the way I put my lights on my tree.” 

    In the clip, Weatherbee’s tree is in the corner of a room. She starts to hang Christmas lights on the bottom of the tree and indicates that you shouldn’t bring the lights all the way around the tree. 

    Instead, she shows her followers they should just hang their Christmas lights from side to side, going up the tree, on the side of the tree that’s visible in the room. 

    “Start at the bottom and instead of going around the tree go back and forth all the way up the tree,” she writes in the video.

    Once she finishes that set of lights, Weatherbee gets a new string of lights and starts hanging them from the top of the tree. 

    Since she posted it in November, Weatherbee’s video has been viewed more than 222,300 times. 

    Weatherbee told Fox News in an email that she came up with the hack on her own last year. 

    She said that as a “Christmas freak,” she has seven trees in her house and last year, she decided to do the lights herself. Typically, her husband does the Christmas lights, but Weatherbee said he “always hates” doing it. 

    Tamara Weatherbee starts to hang Christmas lights on the bottom of the tree and indicates that you shouldn’t bring the lights all the way around the tree.
    Tamara Weatherbee
    According to Fox News, Tamara Weatherbee came up with the hack all on her own and uses it or all seven of her Christmas trees.

    Weatherbee said she had no clue her video would become so popular. 

    “I was surprised at how many people didn’t know about this hack,” she said. “I thought since it was such an easy fix maybe a lot of people knew about it. But even some of my close friends this year said ‘why didn’t you tell me this before I set up my Christmas tree?’”

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