Military man tries to surprise parents, catches them having sex

    He was scarred in the line of booty.

    A Colorado soldier’s plan to surprise his parents during military leave backfired horribly after he caught them getting it on during his visit. A video of the mortifying incident is currently blowing up online.

    “We were surprised and beyond embarrassed,” Kaati Pena, 39, told Caters the humiliating incident, which occurred after their son Joseph, 20, showed up unannounced at their home after spending two and a half years on Germany on assignment.

    “We had no clue that our son Joseph was coming home on his R&R and he told his sister Josephine, the camera lady, that he wanted to surprise us,” the mother of three exclaimed.

    Needless to say, this was not the joyous reunion he had in mind. The mother of three described how she and her husband Richard, 54, were “talking” – their code word for sex when the kids were little – when the “door got kicked open.”

    Pena reportedly spent most of the remainder of his R&R with his sister and girlfriend.
    Kaati Pena/CATERS NEWS

    In the accompanying footage, which thankfully doesn’t show the sex act, Joseph can be seen barging into the boudoir, whereupon he starts gasping “oh no no no” upon catching his progenitors doing hanky panky. The aghast offspring then retreats back out into the hallway as his mortified mother bursts into laughter.

    “I screamed because I saw my son and of course realized he saw everything exposed,” explained the aghast parent of the familial c-block.

    Understandably, the moment reportedly traumatized their progeny so badly that he reportedly spent the remainder of his off time with his girlfriend and sister.

    Kaati explained, “He texted and called daily but avoided coming over to the houseand we were okay with it because he needed to enjoy his R&R and not be scarred by what he saw.”

    Joseph Pena enters the boudoir.
    Joseph Pena enters the boudoir.
    Kaati Pena/CATERS NEWS

    Thankfully, Joseph’s understanding mother was on hand to ease his PTSD (post traumatic sighting disorder) – by sharing the video to social media.

    She explained that the “online responses have been epic” with most posters roasting her son for “not knocking” before entering the bedroom.

    Nonetheless, it appears that Kaati isn’t gonna refrain from heeding the call of booty even when her son’s around.

    “I’m sure he’s trying his best to erase the visual memory of the incident, but living with us will only remind him of how Eve and Adam conceived the whole world,” she said.

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