Mars in Sagittarius will make your sex life adventurous

    Let’s get rowdy. The stars are saying that it’s time to explore all of your sexual freedom.

    Mars — the fiery red planet that rules sex, desire and drive — will begin an exotic dance from Dec. 13, 2021, until Jan. 24, 2022! No longer are we chained to others or even to who we once thought we were. Mars in Sagittarius is about breaking free and exploring all of the hot, passionate and unique possibilities that life has to offer.

    Feeling adventurous? Oh, you will be!

    Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that rules expansive growth and stepping outside of our comfort zones. This fire sign blends exceptionally well with the natural energy of Mars, so you can expect your enthusiasm — and libido — to burn brightly!

    Sagittarius holds ties to long-distance travel and venturing into the unknown, which would be an excellent idea for couples and singles to dive into during this time. Those who are attached will find that the change of pace could reignite their connection. (Hello, sex marathons that make you feel like you’re in the honeymoon phase again!) Singles, meanwhile, will end up meeting people outside of their normal “type” who could open their minds about what life has to offer — as well as how sex can be different, too! With Sagittarius overseeing international relations and people from different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles and places of origin, we will find that collectively we’re drawn to connect with people and experiences that open our vision.

    Expand your heart. Open your mind. Spice up your sex life. These are all key themes for Mars in Sagittarius.

    Mars is the fiery red planet that rules sex, desire and drive.
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    While this all sounds like a ton of fun, Mars in Sagittarius is not a major time for commitment. In fact, if we feel like we’re being caged or controlled, we’ll end up erupting like a firecracker before carrying forward solo. That doesn’t mean relationships will suffer, but it does mean we must be more open-minded and supportive of our partners and what makes them feel free and unique.

    Also, this can be a time when people are drawn to a bachelor lifestyle — I’m looking at you, singles! — and even fall into a gangbang line-up of hookups that never end. Practice safe sex, ya’ll — and, if you’re going to swap fluids, be smart about it, k? When it comes to sex and dating, try looking for experiences outside of your normal routine to add into your rituals, if taken. If single, try dating outside of your normal “type.”

    Hot tip: consider role-playing, costumes or mild kink. Have some wine or indulge in your fav legal edible while getting it on. Oh, and public sex, risky sex or voyeuristic sex will make you go absolutely wild.

    Take a peek into a mini horoscope of what your zodiac sign will be focused on in the weeks to come — beyond just hot sex.

    ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

    Open your mind to the endless possibilities of new horizons, Aries. You are one of the most adventurous zodiac signs, so you’ll feel a rush of excitement ignite your mind and heart in the weeks to come. Prepare to explore new professional, academic or spiritual territory and, as you do, you’ll download great new wisdom about your place in the world. Some Aries will become very focused on an academic or media project during this time.

    However, others will become very busy with travel, immigration or connecting with people far from you. Taht could be in regards to international business or relations — or just bring you into contact with others from different cultures or backgrounds. Don’t limit yourself at this time. Soar.

    TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

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    Union, trust and vulnerability could be very big themes for you in the weeks ahead, Taurus. You could be feeling all-or-nothing in regards to where you stand in a partnership. While you could become especially intense about your intimate, sensual or sexual needs, this could bring you the impetus to sit down and hash out where you are as a team and where you’d like to go. If there are frustrations beneath the surface, they could be aired out now.

    Another way this will affect you is likely to increase your expenses, especially around big-money matters. Yet, if you are strategic, you could also amplify your wealth, especially around assets, investments, a settlement or an inheritance.

    GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

    Teamwork, cooperation and partnership will be the key themes for you, Gemini. On one hand, this could be excellent for accomplishing a lot with someone in business or love. It isn’t ideal to be trying to attack things on your own now — no! Find the mirror who can take you much further as a team. While this energy obviously favors committed Geminis more, seeing you very busy together, singles can also share in this energy by putting themselves out there to find someone who has long-term potential.

    However, if there has been tension bubbling beneath the seams with a partner, competitor or enemy, you may now watch as it erupts. Do your best to step up and handle it.

    CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

    Prepare for an extremely busy period, Cancer! With a never-ending supply of projects and responsibilities suddenly being placed on your shoulders for work, it’s clear that you have a lot you want to achieve now and in 2022. Keep at it and you’ll be proud of everything you accomplish now.

    However, if you’re out of work, this is an ideal time to hit the grindstone and put yourself out there because you could find a new job or client that keeps you busy and gives you security.

    Last to mention is that you’ll have a strong impetus to tackle a new diet or fitness regimen, too — helping you to become stronger as you march into the new year.

    LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22)

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    Romance, sex, dating and passion have arrived for you, Leo! You will be given an opportunity to let your hair down and have a ton of fun. This is an excellent period for single Leos to put themselves out there and meet spicy and adventurous new suitors — one of the best periods within two years! Do not let this go to waste if you’d like to find someone who lights your heart on fire.

    Attached Leos can enjoy this energy, too, as you have a stronger urge to enjoy your relationship and reignite the spark between you. Plan some memorable dates together. Not only can your sex life flourish but, if pursuing pregnancy, you’ll have the stars in your favor.

    Lastly, if you’re creative, prepare for a surge of artistic energy to inspire your mind, heart and soul.


    Domestic and family matters will be of prime focus for you, Virgo. You could be hosting many holiday events at your space — or even just deciding to redecorate and welcome in a whole new you for 2022.

    However, some Virgos will realize it’s time to move, relocate or renovate because they need a complete change on outlook. If you do so, you’ll be especially glad that you did, although you could be quite nostalgic during this time, too.

    Lastly, if you are being required to step in to handle a family or parental affair, do so swiftly and you’ll be able to make sure everything is in line.


    Get ready to broadcast an important message to the world, Libra. You will likely be very busy with a writing, speaking, advertising, marketing, social media or communications-related project in the weeks to come. You know that time is of the essence, so you could be eager to get everything launched in time for 2022’s big goals.

    Another way this could affect you is around contractual or legal matters. The passion is surging through you and you’re ready to get everything signed on the dotted line!

    Lastly, if you have hoped for a change of pace, you’ll likely take several short-distance trips to nearby towns and attractions. If you do, you’ll meet many unique people along the way.


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    Wealth is more important than ever to you, Scorpio. However, with so much energy focused on your sector of income, you could be spending money as quickly as you’re bringing it in! Use this time to assess your budget and know exactly where your money is going. Yet, if you have your eyes on the prize for a big bonus, raise or a new job, now is the time to make it happen. Funnel every ounce of strength into getting ahead for 2022 and you’ll soon bask in victory.


    Ignite, Sagittarius! Prepare for a surge of strength, power and confidence to energize your life in the weeks to come. You’ll have more energy to tackle all of your most important goals, along with the charm, charisma and magnetism to enchant anyone you encounter. Now is the most important period within two years to set your goals and launch new endeavors, as you tackle them one by one. Use your unstoppable fuel to put all of the pieces into place for both your personal and professional endeavors.


    Lie low, brainstorm and develop your goals for 2022, Capricorn. You’ll likely be very busy with some projects behind-the-scenes that are consuming your attention. If you take your time to develop them now, you’ll find that you have creative breakthroughs about how to approach them strategically. These can be endeavors of a personal or professional nature.

    However, you may also be feeling a bit burned out and need to recharge your physical, emotional and psychological batteries at this time. Don’t push it — listen to what your body and spirit are telling you.


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    Ring the alarm and step into the center of the ring, Aquarius! You are set to become more popular than ever in the weeks ahead. Not only will you be especially social, but you’ll likely find that many friends and acquaintances are reaching out to tell you how much they appreciate you. This will inspire you to make 2022 even more of a lively year. This energy bodes well for online dating or meeting someone hot in your network, too — perhaps even a friend who you’ve had your eyes (and thirst) upon for a while.

    Last to mention is that you will be especially focused on your greatest personal aspirations, too, likely finding that at least one of them is now within reach.


    Own your throne, Pisces! Professional victories will be laid before you and you will be conquering every single one! You’ll likely be extremely busy with your career, as you line up projects for 2022 and set your sights on vast new ambitions. Promotions, awards or glorious success could arrive for previously completed work.

    However, if you’re not seeing as much victory as you’d like, then it may be time to assess a different strategy to get it — or a new professional lane altogether. Use this time wisely and you’ll make a great deal of progress.

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