Man who thought his nan got him a PS5 brands her an ‘a**hole’

    A bloke branded his nan an ‘a**hole’ after thinking she bought him a PlayStation 5 – only to unwrap a candle instead. 

    The man had hoped to be opening the latest games console, but his gran played a hilarious prank on him instead for Christmas. 

    A video has gone viral on TikTok showing a man opening a gift from his relative, which he says he hopes “isn’t coal”. 

    But it was almost as bad, as instead of the gadget his nan had bought him a ‘PS5’ candle, which said: “Smells like you’re not getting one”. 

    He captioned the clip, which has been viewed nearly three million times: “And the tradition of his Nanny being an a**hole continues…”

    While the gamer didn’t get what he wanted, the brilliant prank has gone down a storm online, with thousands of people branding the gift hilarious. 

    Commenting online, one person said: “Not gonna lie, that was a good one.”

    Someone else wrote: “I love your nanny!”

    A third thought: “Nanny is hysterical!”

    While this person added: “That’s the best gift ever I should’ve bought that for my boys.”

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