Kit Kat bar sharpened into razor sharp knife in viral video

This Kit Kat bar just might be able to break off a piece of you.

An inventive Instagram user impressed the internet by using Kit Kat candy bar to slice a tomato, as seen a bizarre viral video.

Huh, you ask?

In the MacGyver-esque clip, posted Wednesday by the WhatHowWhy Studio, a bearded man can be seen — wait for it — sharpening a packet of Kit Kat bars on a whetstone like a weapons-savvy Willy Wonka.

The camera then cuts to them using the cavity-causing cleaver to improbably chop a tomato in two.

“And it works!,” exclaims the bizarro myth buster in the clip, before pondering what he should try to sharpen up next.

Not surprisingly, social media devotees — WhatsHowWhyStudio boasts 372,000 Instagram followers and 23,800 YouTube subscribers — were impressed at how the man managed to “razor the bar.”

“That is actually pretty cool tbh,” said one awestruck fan of the physics-defying feat.

Another wrote, “Anything can be a murder weapon with enough creativity.”

One skeptic wondered if the now-keen Kit Katana was still safe to eat.

The Post has reached out the Hersheys Company, the beloved candy conglomerate that manufactures Kit Kat bars in the US through its H. B. Reese Candy Company subsidiary.

Meanwhile, other curious commenters fired off requests for other treats they wanted to see honed next, including cheese, bacon and even a tomato.

Indeed, this isn’t the first unlikely item the Kit Kat whiz has turned a seemingly innocuous item into a shank. Other vids depict the poster sharpening everything from gingerbread men to TV remotes.

Although in the realm of improvised tools, nothing holds a candle to this man who attempted to use a dog poop bomb to blow up a friend he claimed did him wrong.

When it comes to sharpening everyday items, the WhatHowWhyStudio is “razoring the bar.”

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