Kim Kardashian Passes An Important Exam And Fans Congratulate Her

Kim Kardashian just passed an important exam for her life. Check out the latest reports shared by The Shade Room.
‘Congrats are in order to #KimKardashian!! It looks like she is closer to her dream of becoming a lawyer, she shared that she passed the baby bar exam,’ TSR said.
Someone commented: ‘Say what you want about her, but give credit where’s it’s due very impressive at her status and age to have the motivation to achieve that.’
A follwoer said: ‘Say what y’all want Kim is not a dummy honey ok!!! That test is not easy. Good for her,’ and a follower said: ‘She just keep showing us that’s she’s more than we’ve given her credit for. Congrats Kim!’
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One other follwoer posetd this: ‘I’m about to go to law school. Every time I see her talk about this, it makes me wanna do it too I’m not doing anything else. Why not learn how to defend our brothers and sisters.’
A commenter said: ‘An activist, a fashion icon, an entrepreneur, a lawyer. I mean come on now.’
One other follwoer said this: ‘She’s been trying for 2 years. Go Kim say what you want about her but I’m truly proud of her law journey #GoGirl.’
Kim Kardashian wants to become officially single. Check out what she did about this.
The Shade Room noted: ‘#KanyeWest has made it clear that he is trying to get his wife back. However, it looks like #KimKardashian may have some alternative plans when it comes to the relationship status between her and Ye.’
TSR continued: ‘According to @tmz_tv, Kim is still moving forward when it comes to her divorce from Kanye, and to make the process move faster, she has reportedly filed to become legally single. The documents were reportedly filed on Friday, and Kim is asking a judge to separate issues of child custody and property from their marital status. She is also asking that her maiden name be restored, meaning she would be dropping “West” from her name.’
TSR said: ‘This news comes hours after Kanye switched up the lyrics to his song “Runaway,” during the “Free Larry Hoover” concert. He said, “Run back to me … more specifically, Kimberly.” However, it looks like Kim is more interested in moving forward and not back.’
Kim is definitely winning these days.

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