Kelly Rowland’s Son Titan Weatherspoon Pranks His Mother While She Tries Different Ice-cream Flavors And Fans Love The Action

Celebrities sometimes like to share little bits of their life with the public, bringing them and their fans together. And when celebrities share a few clips of their home lives, fans can’t help but gush over the cuteness. Kelly Rowland took to social media recently to share a clip of her son Titan Weatherspoon playing a prank on her and the clip has gone viral.
Titan decided to have his mom try out different ice cream flavors in the clip. He introduced himself at the beginning of the video and stated that the ice cream was from his cousin Maddison Brown. After a bunch of ice cream flavors, Titan decided to prank his mother by adding lemon and syrup over the red velvet flavor. Rowland immediately recognized the flavor of lemon and Titan could be heard laughing in the background.
The tasting continued however towards the very end; Titan decided to give his mom a spoon of mustard to try. As Rowland tasted the mustard, she became slightly upset and jokingly told Titan that he had ruined the flavors for her.
Rowland had posted the video with the caption, “TITAN thinks he’s a prankster ANYWAY! Not biased, but this @madisonbrownfrozen ice cream is sooo good! Sooo creamy! Definitely my new fave!”
While many people enjoyed the video as it was, many commented on how confident Titan was in front of the camera and how he was made for being on screen. Fans couldn’t help but comment on how Titan was a star in the making and how successful he would be in the future.
Some users even claimed that the kid should have his show due to how perfectly he pulled off the harmless prank. There was a ton of appreciation from the fans over the clip and they enjoyed seeing Titan enjoying himself.
Others thought it was important to comment on how good of a sport Rowland had been. Fans couldn’t help but laugh at how she had been pranked and the comments also consisted of people joking about how Titan had done her wrong with the mustard inclusion in the ice cream tasting.

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