Karlie Kloss Goes Brunette and Ends Her 10-Year Reign as a Blonde — See Photos, Video

    Karlie Kloss is now the third model that has decided to say farewell to her blonde roots. “After a decade of being a blonde, i finally crossed over to the dark side,” she wrote in her January 19 Instagram post, showing off her fresh new hair color.  The two photos and video that comprise the model’s three-part Instagram carousel show Kloss introducing her newly-colored mane to the New York City streets while wearing an all-brown outfit. 

    Fellow models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber have also traded in their longtime blonde manes for brown hair in recent months as well, specifically for the expensive brunette trend. This is the same shade that Kloss went with, and for a good reason. Expensive brunette is the hair color trend that has been making waves everywhere since the fall of 2021 and that appears to still be in the running this winter. 

    Though it may look just like any other shade of brown hair, hairstylist and European creative director for Evo Hair, Tom Smith, previously told Glamour that expensive brunette has a little extra something to it. “Expensive brunette is all about giving deeper hair energy, dimension, and detail,” he said. 

    If you decide to become an expensive brunette yourself, Smith notes that it’s very important to discuss with your colorist what are the darkest and lightest shades of brown that you’re willing to go with, in addition to “discussing whether warmer or cooler tones suit your skin. Warmer shades would present as coffee, caramel, copper, and gold, while cooler tones would present as iced chocolate, ash, taupe, silver, and ice,” he explained. 

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    After all, expensive brunette is all about bringing vivacity to your hair color, so make the most of it. Clearly, Kloss knows a thing or two about that.

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