Kanye West Asked Kim Kardashian To Do This And Fans Are In Shock

It’s been just revealed that Kanye West asked Kim Kardashian to do this. Check out what happened below.
The Shade Room notes that ‘KanyeWest left it all on the stage last night during him and #Drake’s ‘Free Larry Hoover’ benefit concert! He made sure to snatch another opportunity to let #KimKardashian KNOW he wants her back!’
TSR said: ‘Towards the end of performing the song ‘Runaway,’ Ye sprinkled a lil’ something extra! “More specifically, Kimberly,” he sang into the mic.’
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No word yet on if Kimmy caught her serenade, but y’all know Twitter reacted with the quickness! (SWIPE) to see what the people had to say about Kanye’s call for Kimberly to “runnnn backkkkk” to him!
Someone said: ‘It’s the last slide for me write a song about ya ex and use that same song and update it to your wife,’ and a fan said: ‘Men always want something when it’s not in their reach anymore.’
One other follower posted this: ‘So when he moved on it was ok but when she moves on now he wants her,’ and a commenter said: ‘Cute but remember when he publicly humiliated her by saying he’s been trying to leave her for years or when he told that personal story about wanting to abort their daughter or went on a rant about her mom.’
A fan said: ‘He want his family back and you can see the Kanye she fell in love with coming back. God is working in his life. I hope they work it out. Nobody wins when the family feuds.’
It seems that Kanye West wants to go back to Kim Kardashian and their family. He wants to become an example for more people out there. Check out the clip below.
‘staying together would influence other families to do the same while making his plea to come back home to #KimKardashian and the kids ,’ The Shade Room noted.
Someone said: ‘Here they come way after the fact… smh rooting for them anyway,’ and a follower said: ‘If he want a thanksgiving plate , he should’ve just said that.’

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