Kandi Burruss And Kenya Moore Are Sharing Pics With Their Little Ones

Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore are sharing some pics with their little ones. Check out the photos below.
‘When you trying to get good pics with your little ones but they aren’t having it!’ Kandi captioned her post.
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Someone said: ‘I love you and Kenya together! I think Kenya really needed a genuine person on the show. Not saying no one else is genuine but when YOU rock with someone you really rock with them!’
A commenter posted this: ‘Oh @kenya have to be friends with @kandi she still needs Kandi on RHOA,’ and a follower said: ‘ @kandi don’t I know it..hope you got the poem I sent you about the kids in their moms Bedroom Kandi treasure box sending positive vibes as always.’
Kandi also shared the following funny video:
Someone said: ‘s a therapist…..it do be that way sometimes. And I’ll leave it at that before I tell on myself,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘
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Not too long ago, she also congratulated the new mayor of Atlanta: ‘VerifiedYay!!!! Congratulations #AndreDickens! The new mayor elect of #Atlanta!Also congratulations to #Khalid!!! The new mayor of #CityOfSouthFulton!I was rooting for the both of them to win so I’m excited that everyone got out to vote & made it happen. Now the real work begins.’
Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris made their fans happy with the following challenge video. You can check it out here.
‘My girl @majorgirl& I was trying to do the #BalanceChallenge.@ciara you inspired us but it didn’t quite turn out as good as when you did it!’ Kandi captioned her post.
Someone said: ‘yaaas, I love it. Russell def better be thankful,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Tip sprung again. Kandi for the Win faxts lbvs #touche that’s it y’all aaate yall Lit.’
One fan said: ‘Love yall friendship and sister hood the truth don’t ever break that up yall the real deal,’ and a follower said: ‘Lord I didn’t even see a bottle on her head. Lemme go look again.’

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