K. Michelle Responds To ‘Face Change’ Accusations – Check Out What She Has To Say

K. Michelle hopped on Twitter to respond to someone who accused her of a ‘face change.’ Check out the tweet that she dropped on social media.
I actually feel bad 4people like u. Not mad at all. You make up your own storyline about someone’s life and in a delusion type manner adopt it as truth and dress it up as concern. There’s no luv in speaking on things and peoples health u know nothing about. https://t.co/EBLQh0UJrA
— K. Michelle (@kmichelle) December 13, 2021
Someone commented: ‘Wait so you changed your entire face bc of your health? Thinking face nah just admit you wanted to tweak some things and did.’
A follower said: ‘Why can’t people mind the business that pays them? People always worried everyone else choices. If she did If she didn’t she didn’t why does it matter. Is it affecting the person that bad because they could not do it? Get a life.’
One other commenter posetd this: ‘@kmichelle doesn’t that remind you of another situation that happened in 2012 when everybody was all delusional acting like I was in love when I didn’t even have nobody to love as my kids were being illegally taken you probably missed it too busy singing can’t raise a Man.’
A commenter posted this: ‘I respect your art and love your music but for you to sit here and lie on the internet like you ain’t change ya face is beyond comprehension but if you read my tweet after I sent what I sent you could see I thought u said Pretty and not Petty.’
A fan said: ‘Sis a new face lift is not health related. That boy gave you a compliment. It’s women like you that make it hard for a man to approach a women because of shxt like this.’
Someone else said: ‘Girl the whole world see you look entirely different so feel sorry for the lie you keep telling we dgaf forreal but we notice it.’
Another commenter said: ‘I love k I really do, but is she trying to say she didn’t have anything done to her face? I mean there’s nothing wrong with that.’
What’s your opinion about the changes that K. Michelle is showing? How about her answer to the fan?

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