Jordyn Woods Flexes On The ‘Gram With The Gifts She Received For Christmas

Jordyn Woods shared a gorgeous look on her social media account for Christmas and she also made sure to show fans the gifts that she received from her man. Check out some of the posts below.
A fan said: “Christmas came early, christmas in july, christmas queen jordyn,” and someone else posted this: “Go head boo you got those Drizzy Drake eyebrows…. Just kidding you’re always fabulous Mrs Claus Brows always popping.”
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Someone else said: “Hey y’all. In the spirit of Christmas, Please can anyone here assist me with some lil money for some groceries and food items, I’m laid off at the moment and I gotta get my kids something to eat, as we didn’t have anything last night. Please I’m a single mom, don’t laugh or judge me for asking for help. It took a lotta courage before I could do this. Please assist, I’m so sad doing this, but I got no other option. I feel so lonely with my kids here. No one is even checking up on us to know how we are doing. I really need y’all help and I’m so sorry if my request offends you.”
A follower said: “Wow so hottie and beautiful Hello my dear sweetest friend. I’m your big friend Becuse i really like you so much that’s why i already follow you long time but why you do not back my follow request?”
She also shared the great gift she received:
“WTF!! I thought last night was enough and then I woke up to this!! My forever Santa!! I love you @karltowns !! I’m speechless!! You never fail to make me feel like a queen! WTF THE BROWN we talked about!?!? With the rose gold too!?!?  I’m so sad this is the second year in a row that covid prevented us from being together on Christmas but your presence was felt. ”
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A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods)
A fan said: ‘God I see what you are doing for others I am child too congratulations Jordy.’

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