Jeannie Mai Reveals Baby J’s Meaningful Name & Unique Nursery Decor

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Jeannie Mai and her husband Jeezy excitedly welcomed their newborn ‘Baby J’  earlier this month and now the first time mother is sharing the baby’s name.

In a video shared with her Hello Hunnay YouTube channel, The Real co-host reveals the baby’s name is Monaco Mai Jenkins. 42-year-old explains that the video was recorded before the arrivals on Baby J because she did;t want to “stress out” making content after the baby arrives. The thoughtful mom gives fans a tour of baby Monaco’s neutral-colored nursery and explains the sweet meaning behind the thoughtful moniker was inspired by her trip to Monaco with Jeezy when they first started dating.

“I thought Baby J’s name should be a J name because obviously Jeannie and Jeezy, makes sense, but that wasn’t the name that came to us,” Mai Jenkins explains. “What really came to us was how baby J came to fruition for us when we were dating. That’s really the theme of the nursery: what Monaco is about. Family, moments, traveling, discussions, important key points in my life and Jeezy’s life that brought Monaco here,” she adds.

On Thursday’s episode of The Real, Mai Jenkins’ co-hosts also revealed the name, ensuring that the sex of the baby will be announced at a later date.

“Today is an extra exciting day because guess what … we have a Baby J update,” Adrienne Bailon says.

According to PEOPLE, Bailon then pulls out an envelope and announces the name, reading,

“Three years ago, Jeezy and Jeannie were talking on a bridge in France, talking about what it meant to do life together. Here they decided to grow and raise a family together. Hence, they named their child after the city that changed their lives forever: Monaco Mai Jenkins.

So sweet! You can check out baby Monaco’s nursery in Jeannie’s vlog, here:


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