Ion Overman, Dale Godboldo Among Celebrities Indicted In New PPP Loan Scam

Ion Overman and Dale Godboldo are among the celebrities indicted in the latest PPP loan scam bust.

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We are two years into the pandemic and every day it seems to be more of the same: reports about the highest number of COVID cases being broken every day, businesses are still short-staffed, and tests are hard to find. Plus, every day we go deeper into this pandemic, it seems more celebrities are caught in a PPP loan scam and they are getting indicted with quickness. Now, a new pack of indictments has landed and named a few celebrities we all may be shocked to see in trouble for the foolishness.

Ion Overman from Madea Goes To Jail along with Port Charles and Dale Godboldo from American Crime Story and Thor both were indicted along with 17 other celebrities in the Atlanta area for scamming the PPP program out of $3 million. Media personality OG Shadi Powers and music producer Carlos Stephens were also named, but the story gets way more complicated than many may expect.

All 19 people pulled this scam off thanks to Mark C. Mason Jr., who did all the paperwork in exchange for a success fee. According to Yahoo!, Mason was able to make $600,00 from scheming on behalf of his personal businesses on top of the two to five perfect success fees for each fraudulent PPP loan. Mason was a one-stop-shop, creating fake IRS Forms, fake payroll numbers, and submitting the actual applications to PPP lenders. On top of that, he also reportedly had a connection to an actual IRS employee Melissa Myrick, who helped assist his scheme by double-checking the information and filling in blanks to make sure it would be approved.

Long story short, the charges will keep coming as more of the scheme is uncovered. If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is–especially if it’s little work for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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